How do two-way mirrors work 1

Two-way mirror

By magic, two similar pocket mirrors were turned into Two-way mirror (in the original: Two-way mirror) that can be used as a communication medium. On demand, the mirrors can create a magical connection between their owners so that they can see and chat with one another. When one of them calls the other into his mirror, the image of the other appears in his own mirror instead of his reflection. Conversely, his reflection then appears in the mirror that the other has in front of him. This way, the two of them can talk to each other over long distances.
It is not known whether James Potter and his friend Sirius Black invented this system themselves. In any case, they used it as a schoolboy to be able to talk when they had to be detained in different places.

Events in the books

  • Sirius gives his godson Harry the second of these magical mirrors at the end of the Christmas break in his fifth year of school, so that he can contact him at any time without having to fear the control of the communication channels prevailing at Hogwarts. However, Harry never unwraps Sirius' present because he knows his godfather and considers his secretly slipped present to be something risky unseen (HP V / 24).
  • When he discovered the still wrapped two-way mirror and how it worked after Sirius' death, he tried in vain to contact him at least posthumously and then threw the mirror into his suitcase with full force, where it broke (HP V / 38 ).
  • When Harry is packing his trunk in Privet Drive, he discovers one of the larger pieces of this mirror and briefly sees Dumbledore's black eye flashing in it. He therefore keeps this shard and puts it among his best-kept treasures (HP VII / 2).
  • It is only much later that it turns out that the eye in the mirror was not that of Albus Dumbledore, but that of his brother Aberforth. He bought the back mirror from Mundungus Fletcher, which Sirius owned. With the help of the mirror, Aberforth tracks where Harry is at the moment and sends him vital help once (HP VII / 23, HP VII / 28).


Even before the publication of the 7th volume, Joanne K. Rowling had indicated that the two-way mirror would become important in a very unexpected way during the coming events (web. Archive Joanne K. Rowling).