How can poverty cause war

Causes of poverty


Poverty has very different causes. It is mainly the social, political and economic framework conditions that lead to people being affected by poverty. Short-time working, temporary working relationships or a lack of and overly expensive childcare places are often jointly responsible for poverty.


People with low incomes, families with more than two children and single parents are at high risk of poverty. It is common to all of them that they often earn too little for a living. This also includes people with a migration background, who are discriminated against in various ways because of their origin.

And !: Poverty is inheritable. Evidence shows that children from poor families are often also affected by poverty as adults. They often have worse starting conditions right from the start - within the family as well as socially.
People who are most affected by poverty are

  • get a very low income (working poor);
  • who find no or insufficient work;
  • are single parents;
  • have no training appropriate to the labor market;
  • are affected by illness or disability;
  • have to finance a household alone; or
  • bear above-average expenses for taxes, rent and health insurance due to their place of residence.