Do Apple products ever get boring?

Apple's top apps 2018: Somehow loveless this year

We can't get rid of the impression that this year Apple didn't really feel like doing a best-of-year review of the best-selling and most-downloaded content from the App Store, Apple Books, and iTunes Store.

In terms of music, we have already made a note of it. Compared to Amazon, we at Apple are amazed at how clear the 2018 annual review turned out to be.

Where Amazon has presented numerous genre playlists, Apple only presents a German and a global top 100 list and an overview of the most popular albums. Especially with a view to the loving and often very individual annual reviews of fellow competitor Spotify (these are currently still pending), the Apple résumé is described as "boring" even advantageously.

Somehow loveless this time

The same applies to the App Store Charts this year - which are synthetically cool and present themselves with sentences like the following: "This year the best mindfulness apps put our mental wellbeing in the spotlight".

Since Apple removed the App Store from iTunes, these can no longer be viewed from the desktop. Even in the old iTunes versions, the ranking is missing.

Apple does show a list on the Internet itself, but the placements assigned in the mobile app store are missing. In addition, the “Top Apps Charts of 2018” take into account all and not just new apps, which means that Cupertino presents us with a boring list consisting of Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Netflix and Co.

After all: there are also editorially selected favorites. However, these are only presented in English on and not in German. We are reluctant to find out, but: In the 10th anniversary year of the App Store, the official review is surprisingly sober, unspectacular and somehow insignificant.