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Tools - shortcuts and function keys

Microsoft Office (MSO) offers, among other things, the possibility of calling up or activating various options immediately with certain key combinations, so-called shortcuts, and thus avoiding the use of the mouse.

The specified shortcuts and function keys are not listed in full (a full list can be found in the MSO Help under the topic "Keyboard shortcuts") and are primarily designed for MSO 97 and 2000, but for the most part will also work in older versions of Office.

Frequently used shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcutspurpose
Ctrl + Reduce the font size
Ctrl + hyphenCreate a non-breaking hyphen
CTRL + CCopy the selected text or object
CTRL + SPACEBARRemove character formatting
CTRL + QRemove paragraph formatting
CTRL + SHIFT +>Increase the font size
CTRL + SHIFT + FBold letters
CTRL + SHIFT + KItalic printing of letters
CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBARCreate a non-breaking space
CTRL + SHIFT + UUnderlining letters
CTRL + VInsert text or an object
CTRL + XCut the selected text or object
CTRL + YRepeat the last command
CTRL + ZUndo the last command

Function keys

F1Get Help or the Office Assistant
F2Move text or graphics
F3Inserting an AutoText entry (after Word has displayed the entry)
F4Repeat the previous process
F5Choose the Go To command (Edit menu)
F6Move to the next pane or frame
F7Select the Spelling command (Tools menu)
F8Expand the selection
F9Update selected fields
F10Activate the menu bar
F11Go to the next space
F12Select the Save As command (File menu)

More keyboard shortcuts

ALT + F4terminates the program
ALT + CTRL + FInsert footnote
CTRL + 0 (zero)Add or remove a line before a paragraph
CTRL + 1Single line spacing
CTRL + 2Double line spacing
CTRL + 51.5 line spacing
CTRL + BAlign paragraph in justification
CTRL + ECenter paragraph
CTRL + F4closes the window / exits the program
CTRL + LAlign paragraph left-justified
CTRL + SPACEBARRemove manual character format
CTRL + RAlign paragraph right-justified
CTRL + SHIFT + DDouble underline text
CTRL + SHIFT + GFormat letters as uppercase
CTRL + SHIFT + NAssign the standard style
CTRL + SHIFT + PLUSApply "Superscript" formatting (automatic spacing)