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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Rike

we were amazed by her call. When do you get asked about your satisfaction?
I have to admit, at the beginning we had our concerns about paying in advance because it was a large sum, but our fear was unfounded. We felt well looked after and now have a great space saver in our garden.
We never thought that we would use our grill kota so often. Sometimes just for two with a cozy fire, but mostly with our children and friends at a barbecue.
It is nice a piece of "more quality of life", because you can completely switch off from everyday life by the fire. As mentioned on the phone, we changed our grill table a little.
My husband likes to work around and has extended the table with insertable tabletops.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Heidi

We are mostly in our kota with our daughters or with neighbors and friends. In summer so maybe on 2 WE in Mon. And at colder times almost every WE. Who talk and laugh here with a nice red wine and a yeast beer for the men. We have already taken reservations for New Year's Eve this year. EVERYONE was there for the topping-out ceremony! Family, friends, the whole village. Then there was mulled wine that was prepared over the fire. The most beautiful thing about the Grillkota is that the planned celebrations or meetings can also take place as we plan them - regardless of the weather. We have changed the grill and now use a larger grate that is height adjustable. This has the advantage that in winter we can start heating with wood right from the start. After a few minutes we are sitting there with short sleeves. Later we then grill over the fire. Our big guy brought this with him from America. Can only be very good hardwood. Then we extended our table tops by 15cm. However, the extension is foldable, so we have wider table tops, depending on the dish. We are also planning a round wooden cover for the grill for next summer. Then we sit flexibly around a large round table when we don't need a grill or fire. So in my description you will also find little tips to improve your beautiful, well thought-out kota. You asked about that too.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Claus L.

We mostly use the kota for celebrations, so we have one Party kota. My wife has been raving about a Finnish kota for years. The quick conversion to an open pavilion, which is possible with them, then also convinced me. We can then use it in summer when the weather is a little less comfortable. I didn't install the two seats to the left and right of the door wood-clad beer cooler with tap and on the left a solid wooden shelf for glasses and as a shelf. I'm building a large wooden terrace in front of the kota. Our rattan seating group, a large parasol and 2 wooden sun loungers come up there. I really want to convince my wife of another idea for the winter. I want to order one of these bath accessories from you. It would go so well with our men's group. In winter in the Kota a draft beer and then alternately out into the snow in the Badezuba, which then with a clear starry sky is illuminated separately. That would be better than vacation. Everything gets the same coat of paint and then fits together very nicely.
And when everything is ready, I will send you the promised pictures.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Karl-Heinz K.

We have the grill kota for Gentlemen's day ordered. The entire men's group helped set up and there was a big celebration right on time for men's day. I expanded the grill with a skewer. We also have chicken and roast pork. Then I brought light and music into the hut. I painted the hut with new oil and diesel, then nothing will peel off later. I bought your grill kota from you because our son has bought a sauna from you before and is very satisfied and because you can take out the walls. This allows us to use the kota on warmer days.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Elke-Maria S.

We discovered the grill kota for the first time in a gourmet restaurant in the neighboring village and shortly afterwards celebrated my brother's birthday there in February. There you can rent the grill hut for special events, so to speak. It was a wonderful evening, you sit so comfortably in the hut, close to each other, but still not cramped by the cozy, warm fire.
This is a very special ambience, because you sit in the group and can have a chat with everyone everyone is involved. In contrast to the usual celebrations, where groups form or you sit dull at a table. We found it particularly great to enjoy a bratwurst and steak even in a season that is actually less grill-friendly, that was our grilling this year so to speak. That’s something completely different.
We have many birthdays in the family in winter and spring, where it is not always possible to sit outside. The grill hut is a welcome change from celebrating in the house.
For us is ours Kota Lotta but not just a grill and party hut, but a special place to be together, as we used to rarely get together here.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Family L.

I set up the grill kota with my two sons on 2.5 days in spring. In spring we use it as an open pavilion. We love fire. When it was very dry, however, we didn't dare to make a fire in the past because of flying sparks. It looks completely different now. In the evening, very dry, when it gets cool there and we otherwise went to the bungalow, we now go 3 meters further into the Kota, make a fire and continue straight away. In the Kota we regularly sit around the grill with 6 or 8 people on Fridays or on weekends, and later around the fire. But we already have celebrated with 21 people, but there were 2 standing tables outside. With the walls removed, that wasn't a problem either. We had fun sitting outside with the standing smokers. Our eldest son has already celebrated vigorously here. We also have a suggestion for improvement, somewhat wider tables would be good, not much maybe 15 cm. I didn't need your wooden floor at all, we used beautiful natural tiles. It gets cheaper if you also offer the Kota without a bottom.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. A. family

The three of us set up our grill kota on 2 weekends. That actually went very well. It would have been helpful if you had packed the individual screw sizes individually. But you have already changed that, as you told me on the phone. We then made the seats a little wider and we can now flexibly widen the tables. A wooden cover is being made for the grill manufactured. If necessary, we also have a table in the middle. My wife is currently thinking of something special for the interior lighting, she has a knack for it. As a precautionary measure, electricity is already on.
The idea for your own grill kota came from Bavaria. We were invited to a family celebration at my brother's. This took place at a host, who in 3 different "Bavarian Kotas" Offers family celebrations. We ended up in one and it was really cozy and incredibly funny. It is the same with us now. Although our kota is not quite ready yet, it is already being used extensively for various celebrations. Our two big children have already had their own celebrations. We grill there and are really looking forward to our first winter in the Kota. Your question as to whether we have our own name for our Grillkota has prompted us to find one now. There is already a list, let's see who gets a majority.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Achim

Our "Fire kota" it's great. We practically don't grill here at all. When the weather is nice, we grill outside as grill freaks, of course, but on a terrace in the countryside next to and around the fire kota. It's cool when it gets too fresh at a later hour (for the women), then it's a few meters further into the Kota. We often sit there at 2 or 3 o'clock without having to move with much effort. We have integrated a Weber gas grill in the Kota for autumn and winter. So we can grill and sit by the fire. With us is so to speak Barbecue on December 31st and grilling on 01.01. and that with a fire too. On February 6th, my wife Birthday. What's up for a barbecue with a fire in the Kota! Casual, no crap in the house the next morning, cool, cool, cool! We have added a board to the row of seats. So it is even more comfortable and we are also a little closer to the table. You could perhaps offer that in general, that would certainly be an improvement for every customer. Finally, I would like to mention a small criticism. That you deliver the Konta compact and with pre-assembled walls is ok and good. And that you deliver up to the curb, we also knew beforehand, is also ok, since a different delivery is not in proportion to the costs. The only thing I didn't really think about beforehand was what that means in practical terms for me and how big the load could be. The tip for your next customers (before delivery) would be nice that two stronger people should expect the delivery. The date is agreed with the shipping company and the time is limited. When making an appointment, I always ask that the driver calls me over radio 30 minutes before he is with me. And that worked here too.
Summary: One of the best buying decisions we've made. Thank you and good luck !!!

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Family K.

Your grill kota is the best Family compromisewe've ever found. Our old pavilion is getting on in years and had to go. My wife wanted a new and slightly bigger one and I wanted a covered barbecue area. A draw that dragged on for 18 months. Then we met you at the fair with your Kota with removable walls. That was the idea and solution for everyone! And the I point, if we feel like it, we grill in winter or sit together by a fire. A perfect thank you.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Gundi

Thank you for the nice call. I would be happy to write a few lines about ours Fireplace room. That's what our grill kota is called. Our fireplace room is actually become our living room. I am here with my husband and our dog almost every evening. And when the grandchildren are there, you can't do without the fireplace room. We have our TV here and we have a small fire on almost every evening. There is often a beer for masters and a little wine for mistresses. Now in the summer the walls were taken out and there was one Late film under the stars. We widened the seats by 10 cm. Now we can lie there on our falls. We often sleep here with our grandchildren. Then you go to the pool in the morning and of course there is a nice breakfast in the fireplace room. A small one is allowed in cooler weather Breakfast fire not missing. Many thanks and best regards. The workmanship, packaging and instructions were good. To set up we used a Friday afternoon to prepare and on Sunday the kota was ready, but there were four of us. Recommendations and the removable walls were decisive for the purchase. We use our grill kota 3-4 times a month with everyone, with family, children, friends, relatives or neighbors. Whoever knocks with us can come! In summer we grill outside next to the kota and when it rains or gets cool we go in there. In autumn and winter we also grill in the kota, but mainly our kota is ours cozy fireplace. I am a fire fanatic. We sit in a tight circle, like around a campfire. That’s real then Campfire romance. For us, a good evening also includes good food (we also often grill unusual things) and good drinks. Eating and drinking keep body and soul together . My parents always said that. We don't really have any suggestions for improvement. We put light and music in there. Keep up the good work and much, much success.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Conny

Thank you for the nice conversation.
Now I'll try to tell you why we wanted a barbecue kota.
Some time ago my husband and I were invited to a friends birthday party.
They celebrated in a barbecue kota. The grill kota was in the meadow you were from a restaurant. We thought it would be a brilliant idea and we were surprised.
It was an interesting evening, with a lot of fun and a great atmosphere. We sat with a total of 10 people in the kota and still there was enough space to move freely.
Shortly after that, it was clear to us - we also want a kota for home.
We have enough space.
Then we found Isidor's Grillkota on the Internet. Made in Germany -> perfect.
Unfortunately, when the load arrived, some boards were slightly damaged. Your customer service asked me about the corresponding components and only a few days later we could start with the assembly.
Now our kota is standing next to the pond in the garden and we spend fun evenings with family and friends.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Hans

I'm a grill fan and don't need to talk about it for long. Removable side panels are a good idea because Grill for 360 days regardless of the weather possible. My birthday in April and my mistress in February >>> That means a guaranteed barbecue party! Then everything stays as it is (and I don't have to clean up in the evening), it's not in the house! I made the seats wider, so after 2 steaks and a nice Molle (or 2) I can lie down! Everything is ok and you are ok !!!
P.s: Should be funny now, we are very satisfied, keep it up! We laughed cool on the phone!

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Great-grandma Elfi, grandma Gerda, grandpa Karl, Torsten, Yvette, Paul, Anne, Fred, Marie, Marvi

We use our 4 generation farm on the edge of the forest our "flame" every afternoon and evening. We meet there for coffee, for dinner, for the fire, everyone as they arrive. It has actually become THE meeting point, THE starting point. And by the way, our flame has also become the favorite place for our two dogs and the cat. There is also celebrations here, a lot together or the generations among themselves, right up to children's birthday parties. Even in winter it is very, very rustic and beautiful here. The fire will then not go out at all. When our neighbors “see the smoke rising”, they can be over there for an hour quickly and spontaneously. We haven't really changed much. We don't even have electricity. We'd rather use torches, Candles and our big flame in the middle of the room.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Bernd

As I recently discussed over the phone, I would like to write a few lines about the grill kota.
Many years ago I saw the grill kota at the "You and your world" fair and wanted to have it. However, at that time I was still living in an area where a building permit was required. This has recently changed.
That's why I looked around the Internet and came across your offer. The removable walls were decisive for the purchase. Here you have a perfect shelter for the summer and the cozy barbecue area in the winter.
The grill kota is used by the whole family. The children party there and we "older ones" have cozy barbecues. And all of our friends are delighted every time.
Basically there is nothing to complain about, except ... except for the packaging of the screws, which has certainly already been changed ;-)
Thank you for your interest

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Silke and Kai P.

Dear Isidor timber construction team. We have already been in contact with various nice employees of yours and now, as promised, I am finally writing you our story. To be honest, we only discovered the magic of your beautiful Kota through our guests. We own a family hotel in the beautiful Allgäu. We originally bought one because we had one in front of the restaurant Room for our smoking guests have searched. The kota was perfect there, it looks great, in summer we take the walls out and in winter the room is not so smoky due to the grill hood. That was the idea. Then guests raved about how nice and sociable it is, especially when the rain is pounding on the roof. Then the first guests ordered their drinks in the kota and guests asked if a fire was also allowed. Once we sat by the fire, we could understand our guests very well, a very special place, a unique atmosphere. At a family celebration in the Kota the idea came up to set up another Kota and offer it for family celebrations, for example. This kota can then not only be booked for our hotel guests, but also for guests from the surrounding area. We want to offer a barbecue evening, food à la carte or a buffet. Now we have ordered 2 new kotes in 2 different sizes. Your idea of ​​this to be set up thematically differently is great, we will definitely implement that. We also think it's great that you are now responding to our wishes in the planning and that you have many suggestions and suggestions for us yourself. Thank you very, very much. When everything is ready, we cordially invite your service team. We will then have a lot of fun and we will then take the pictures you requested together.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Wilfried

First of all, I have to tell you that I am amazed at your interest in satisfied customers.
This service is still quite rare in Germany, so it is nice that you give your customers the opportunity to give you their opinion.
As you can hear on the phone, I would have loved to hang up again so as not to disappoint you, but you accepted all criticisms with your kind manner.
I set up my Kota completely by myself, my wife gave me the screws every now and then. I built a support structure for the roof and everything went almost by itself. Well, it took almost 4 weeks to build, but I have time.
And that at the age of 74years.
I told you about my changes on the phone, such as the wider bench seats and the hinges on the removable walls.
Now our kota is used regularly and offers a great one Space to talk and sit comfortably together while grilling or just looking into the fire.
Maybe we'll see each other, until then, all the best.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Gerda

Years ago in Finland we were able to experience an old kota in the freezing cold. Since then it has been a place that I (we ;-)) always wanted to have. This dream finally came true last year. This beautiful place with its central grill and fireplace, this close, cozy get-together, this great room, a miracle of space that so beautifully rises up, it gives us a Finnish way of life. We spend wonderful family moments together here, for example with card or board games. We sit here comfortably with friends for hours. Communication is completely different. Even with 12 people, everyone can talk to everyone through the round, everyone can understand everyone. I also like to use this special atmosphere for myself. A beautiful book and the peace and quiet in this closed room, just for me. Our best experience? There are many. However, if the snowflakes are thick, take out two side panels and sit together with a nice crackling fire and enjoy the hot mulled wine that is warmed over the fire. Then you know roughly what I mean.

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Grillkota from Mrs. / Mr. / Fam. Family Ch.

We are retired and our grill kota is used a lot. We very often meet here with friends and guests for a cozy get-together. In summer we grill here very often and when the weather is nice have breakfast we here also during the week or eat supper. Then of course we get the walls out. In autumn the kota is our fireplace. Then that's something special again. We then grill less, but often prepare a large round one over the fire Pot of Solianka, Goulash or stew. When we invite guests to join us, they look forward to the kota evenings beforehand. We also have 2 apartments on our property. The Kota is also always open to our holiday guests. This summer, the first guests with 2 children booked with us, on recommendation because of the kota and the fireplace there. My husband usually heats with beech wood. The purchase of the Grillkotas was a really good decision that we have never regretted.