Dogs get drunk from drinking beer

Drinking beer as a pastime.

In Amsterdam I use the time and tried a couple of beers that I didn't know before.

I like beer. Beer is great and if it didn't make you drunk then I would drink it from morning to night. It's actually a shame that German beers only belong to three large corporations. If you want something different in terms of taste, then you have to mutate into a nerd and get into the craft scene. Unfortunately, I have no idea of ​​“mildly hopped” and “sweet notes”. I only know what I like.

So I try to seem somehow distracted in situations in which a technical discussion could arise. Everything that is important to me: That the brewer got the beer taste through roasting or the ingredients. Strawberry notes from sawdust should be made a criminal offense.

That was a great introduction to the excuse to go to any bar in Amsterdam to try some beers. Of course, I'm giving the whole thing the cover of a serious analysis. Bottom up!

St Louis Kriek

Comes to the table in an intrusive bottle and yells “cherry flavor” at me. The Geuze (a Belgian beer specialty made from only partially fermented beer) is mixed with fruit.

In terms of taste, quite similar to a “Berliner Weisse”, which is known to have to be liked. The Kriek does not taste good chemically, but it is perhaps just an alternative to the Alster on warm days.

It is fruity, sweet and almost sour. Which is out of place in a beer for me.

Heineken OUD BRUIN

Caramel was on the beer menu. With 2.5% alcohol it is more like a lemonade, but you shouldn't be too narrow-minded. At first it tastes like a malt beer. In the second moment you notice the slightly watery taste. However, in the aftermath it is not bitter like malt beer, but tastes surprisingly strong like caramel.

If you can taste beyond the feeling that the brewer has filled the kettle with 50 liters of water in order to achieve his target, it is a really delicious beer. It is too thin for me.


Pavel Kwak

I ordered the beer just because of the glass. But then came in a vessel that was less like a chemistry class. The 8.4% alcohol compensated. They were missing in the limo before that.

I often find beers in the alcohol class bitter. Too bitter. (Please note my subjective opinion at this point, many will certainly see it differently). The kiwak was surprisingly soft and had a taste between earth and fine sweetness.


If you prefer to drink yourself and want to blow my amateur analysis on the ears, you can do so in “Cafe The Old Bell” on Rembrandplein 46 1017 CV Amsterdam.