What programming languages ​​are used on Snapchat

Course description

We use software every day, sometimes without even realizing it. Our lives are changing drastically in the digital age and programming is an increasingly important skill in order to participate in this life in an informed manner. In this course we would like to show you how beginners can create their first own programs with Snap !, a block-based open-source programming language. The colorful and intuitive user interface of Snap! facilitates learning and makes it an experience, even for people who have difficulties with technical topics. If you have already programmed in Scratch, you will immediately feel at home. If not, don't worry. With animations, games and works of art, we will bring out the artist but also the computer scientist in you. Learners of all ages, seasoned programmers, and newbies will discover why Snap! is one of the most popular programming languages ​​for education and research around the world.

In the first week you will learn how to find your way around the user interface and create some custom works of art. You will learn to create objects and costumes and you will see the first concepts of computer science such as loops.

With randomness, your own functions and recursion, your inner artist or game developer, but in any case the computer scientist, is set free in the second week.

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This course is offered as part of the EU Code Week Initiative. The course material provided can be used freely (CC BY-SA 4.0 license)

Course information

Course content

Week 1: Get started with Snap!
Week 2: Blocks - the next level
Week 3: final exam

target group

  • Everyone who wants to learn about computer science and programming.
  • Teachers with an interest in computer science.

Course requirements

This course has no prerequisites