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Formula 1: Qualifying in Imola in the live ticker for reading - Vettel disappointed again, 99th pole for Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel is heading for the next disappointment in the Aston Martin - and Lewis Hamilton is full throttle towards the next point win in the hot world championship duel with Max Verstappen. In qualifying for the Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna, the world champion took pole position and created all the prerequisites for a triumph in the race on Sunday.

Hamilton's first pole of the season in 1: 14.411 minutes - the 99th of his career - is particularly valuable in view of the expected duel with Red Bull driver Verstappen. The highly regarded Dutchman had to be content with third place - still behind his team-mate Sergio Perez.

Hamilton looked a little surprised himself. "Did we have it?" Asked the Briton over the radio: "It went great. I didn't expect us to be in front of the two Red Bulls, they were so fast all weekend."

For the race, the performance on Saturday has a decisive character. Overtaking is comparatively difficult on the relatively narrow track in Imola. Verstappen, slowed down by drive problems in training on Friday, was disappointed. "It didn't go so well in Q3, the lap wasn't clean," said the 23-year-old: "It's going to be an interesting race. We'll make it difficult for Mercedes." Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko also believes that: "I think the whole thing will be very, very close. We have two cars. The buffer to Valtteri Bottas (Hamilton's team-mate in eighth place; editor) are a few cars. That should be an advantage for us. "

For Vettel, meanwhile, things are not going as hoped - 13th place, the end in Q2 and another defeat in the team duel with Lance Stroll (10th) were not enough for the four-time world champion. Vettel had stated after training on Friday that he felt a little more comfortable in the AMR21. However, this feeling was not yet reflected in sustained strong lap times. "I'm not happy with the lap," said Vettel: "It's very close. A slightly better lap would have meant a significantly better placement."

The bad results can not only be attributed to Vettel. Aston Martin, which last year fought for third place in the World Championship under the name Racing Point, followed, like Mercedes, a philosophy of the car's low angle of attack - a disadvantage in view of a change to the underbody demanded by the world association FIA. Team boss Otmar Szafnauer wants to discuss the issue with the FIA. Other middle-class teams reacted irritated. The changes were approved by all teams.

Ferrari could only be partially satisfied at the home game. Charles Leclerc starts fourth from the second row. His new team-mate Carlos Sainz was only eleventh.

Newcomer Mick Schumacher presented himself convincingly. The 22-year-old played largely flawlessly in the defeated Haas and once again left his team-mate Nikita Masepin behind him in 18th place. The lead was clear with more than five tenths of a second. "We can be satisfied. We have come a long way since Bahrain. We are working in the right direction," said Schumacher at Sky: "In general, I am very happy."

Rookie Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri) starts at the end of the field behind the Haas duo. The Japanese crashed into the tire wall after a spin.

As in practice in the morning, turn nine, which caused problems for many drivers, turned out to be tricky. Numerous times were canceled because the track limit was exceeded.

F1 - Qualifying: An overview of the starting grid


Lewis Hamilton


Sergio Perez

Red Bull1.14.446

Max Verstappen

Red Bull1.14.498

Charles Leclerc


Pierre Gasly


Daniel Ricciardo


Lando Norris


Valtteri Bottas


Esteban Ocon


Lance Stroll

Aston Martin---

Carlos Sainz


George Russell


Sebastian Vettel

Aston Martin1.15.394

Nicholas Latifi


Fernando Alonso


Kimi Raikkonen

Alfa Romeo1.15.974

Antonio Giovinazzi

Alfa Romeo1.16.122

Mick Schumacher

Haas F11.16.279

Nikita Masepin

Haas F11.16.797

Yuki Tsunoda


Formula 1: Qualifying in Imola in the live ticker - Hamilton takes pole

Goodbye: We say goodbye to an exciting and surprising qualifying in Imola. The race continues on Sunday at 3 p.m. We'll be there live again and wish you a nice Saturday!

Vettel not in Q3: For Sebastian Vettel it was already time to pack things in Q2. The Heppenheimer was canceled the first lap, which put him under pressure. But the second run wasn't enough for the top ten either. In the end, it was not possible to exceed starting position 13. Mick Schumacher finished his qualifying in 18th place.

Hamilton takes 99th pole: Lewis Hamilton lives up to his reputation as the king of qualifying once again. It was tight in Q3, but in the end it was enough for the 99th pole of his career. Sergio Pérez was able to rehabilitate himself for qualifying. He prevailed against Verstappen. Lando Norris should be annoyed. The Brit was really strong, but since he had disregarded the track limits in Turn 9, it fell to seventh place. Otherwise he would have started tomorrow's race from third place.

End of qualifying: Qualifying at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari is over and all drivers come back to the pit lane. "We did it? Whooo," said a happy Hamilton over the radio. Next to Verstappen in the second row will be Charles Leclerc tomorrow. Pierre Gasly is fifth ahead of Ricciardo and Norris. Valtteri Bottas follows on the eight ahead of Ocon and Stroll.

Hamilton takes pole: Lewis Hamilton takes pole in front of Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen.

Norris time deleted: In short, Lando Norris was in a strong second place. But then the time of the British is canceled and he is passed back again.

Sector best time for Norris: Valtteri Bottas cannot improve and remains sixth. Norris, who set the fastest time in the first sector, is completely different. Can he actually go to pole here?

Verstappen concludes: Max Verstappen, however, takes more time and is the last rider to start his second run. So it will be exciting in the fight for pole for a long time!

Now it's getting serious: After a short break, things are getting serious again in Imola! Valtteri Bottas opens the second runs in Q3! Can anyone else intercept Hamilton or will the Brit start from pole tomorrow?

Lewis Hamilton's new best time in Q3: Lewis Hamilton can go a little further and brings the 1: 14.411 in the first exchange of blows. Even Verstappen can't do it. He is just behind by 0.091 seconds.

New best time for Lando Norris in Q3: Lando Norris marks a new best time in Q3

It fills up quickly: The drivers don't take their time and the track quickly begins to fill up. In addition to Stroll, Gasly, Ricciardo and Ocon are also on a used set of the softs. Everyone else is on fresh tires.

Q3 started: It's going to the big showdown! In the next twelve minutes it will be decided who will start from pole tomorrow. The top favorites are Hamilton and Verstappen. But Lando Norris has also surprised in qualifying so far. Lance Stroll is the first to take to the track on a used soft set.

Q2 is over: Q2 is over and in addition to Vettel, Carlos Sainz will also swallow a bitter pill. Even for him, jumping into Q3 is not enough. Also outside are Russell, Latifi and Alonso. It was close to Stroll, who was only 0.061 seconds faster than Sainz.

Vettel knocked out: Not all of them are through with the last few laps yet. For Vettel it is already clear that he will not make it into Q3! He is only 11th after an improvement by Ricciardo.

Vettel in the box: Vettel surprisingly doesn't add another lap and comes back to the pits after a shot. Norris is also in the garage, but he is the first to have a really good buffer.

New best time for Perez in Q2: Sergio Pérez marks a new best time in Q2. With the soft tire he drove a 1: 14.76.

Vettel new seventh: Vettel can improve again and improves to seventh position. Now it is hoped that this time everything went well on the lap.

Vettel in the second run: Sebastian Vettel is back on the track and opens the second runs in Q2. This time he's on a fresh pack of the softs.

The intermediate result in Q2: Six minutes remain on the clock. Lando Norris is currently in first position. Hamilton and Verstappen follow behind on the two and three. Leclerc is fourth ahead of Bottas. Vettel is currently eliminated after his first round was canceled.

New best time from Lando Norris: Lando Norris moves up to the top of the ranking. With a 1: 14.718 he was slightly faster than Hamilton. In the first run, however, the McLaren driver was on the soft.

Vettel time deleted: Vettel was briefly on the four, but since he was too far out in turn nine, his lap was canceled. Gasly had met the same fate.

New best time for lewis Hamilton in Q2: But it doesn't take long and the time of the Dutchman is narrowly undercut by Lewis Hamilton. In the meantime, all the drivers have taken to the track.

Many try Medium: As expected, many drivers are now trying to get through to the next lap with the medium. Bottas, Hamilton and Verstappen go out on the medium and Williams, too, is initially taking the medium on the track. Vettel is on a used soft tire.

Q2 started: It continues with Q2. This time the drivers have 15 minutes to get one of the places in the top ten.

Q1 is over: Q1 is over and ends with a positive result for Williams: Both Russell and Latifi make it into the second round of qualifying. It was not enough for Mick Schumacher and he retired at the end of the day when he was 18. Qualifying is also over for the Alfa Romeo drivers and Mazepin. Then there is Tsunoda, who crashed in Q1.

Russel jumps forward: George Russell makes another big jump and sits in 14th position. This means that Mick Schumacher's path in the direction of Q2 will be a little further.

Is there still something going on for Schumacher: Is there anything going towards Q2 for Mick Schumacher? Kimi Raikkonen is not that far away from him. The Finn is just 0.173 seconds ahead of him.

Who is currently out: Mick Schumacher, Nicholas Latifi, Nikita Mazepin, George Russell and crash pilot Yuki Tsunoda are currently retired.

First lap times deleted: For some drivers, things get tight after laps have been canceled. Sergio Pérez got it, but he has now increased it. Gasly and Latifi were also canceled.

New best time for Valtteri Bottas in Q1: Lewis Hamilton can't get past there, but Valtteri Bottas can push himself in front of Verstappen. Shortly afterwards, Norris also crosses the line and he also has a good time: he only just has to line up behind Bottas.

New best time for Max Verstappen in Q1: Max Verstappen marks a new best time in Q1. The Red Bull driver set a 1: 15.109 and easily pulled away from Leclerc. But the Mercedes also seem to be fast. Let's see if one of them intercepts Verstappen.

Pit radio Pierre Gasly: Gasly fears a traffic jam at the end of the outlap. He asks his team to keep this in mind when planning his round.

Route released again: The track is cleared again and the drivers don't take much time before they get back on the lap. Ferrari and Max Verstappen are among the first on the track.

Only five drivers with time: Of course, the accident also messed up the other drivers' schedules. Only five pilots managed to set a time in front of the red flags. Most of them were on their first fast lap.

This is how the crash happened: The repetitions show that he got a notch in the curve, then lost the rear and could no longer correct in the small run-off zone before it hit the tire wall. The rear of the AlphaTauri is gone, Tsunoda himself quickly gives the all-clear.

Red flag: Qualifying is interrupted with red flags! Yuki Tsunoda is standing on the side of the road with a wrecked car.

New best lap from Lance Stroll: George Russell could not undercut Schumacher's time and Giovinazzi also remains behind. Lance Stroll, however, passes with a 1: 16.082. Vettel had made a mistake. He drives far out and can forget the lap with it.

Only three are still missing: It's fast and now there are only three drivers who are not on the track yet. In addition to the two Red Bulls, Latifi is still in the pits.

New best time for Mick Schumacher: Mick Schumacher sets the first best time in the session. The German drove a 1: 16.806. Many will certainly be faster than him. But he leaves his team-mate behind by a second.

Haas gets started: The two Haas rookies Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin are the first drivers to take to the track. Both are on the softest tire compound.

The conditions: In Imola it is relatively cool shortly before qualifying. The track temperature is 25 degrees, the air temperature just twelve degrees. The probability of rain is ten percent.

The distance: The Imola circuit was an integral part of the racing calendar between 1980 and 2006. In 2020, the route returned to the calendar due to many cancellations due to the corona pandemic. Imola is an old school track with lots of gravel beds and grass. If you make a mistake here, it could be severely punished.

What's in it for Vettel: With Sebastian Vettel it currently looks like the only thing left for the Heppenheimer is the fight for Q2. Vettel has the car better under control than he did in Bahrain, but once again there are no big results. He finished 14th in the final training session. Mick Schumacher was able to put a small exclamation mark in 16th place. He easily left the Alfa Romeo behind, among other things. Teammate Mazepin was a second slower.

Track limits could be involved: In qualifying, the track limits could also be an issue again. In the third training session there were again heaps of fatalities due to driving over the track boundaries, which makes it difficult to assess the actual balance of power in the field. If it happens right away, it should be even more annoying, after all, it's about the starting positions for tomorrow.

Verstappen wins final training: It could amount to an exciting qualifying because there is no clear favorite in Imola so far. After Mercedes was ahead on Friday, Red Bull reported back on Saturday and Max Verstappen set the fastest time in the last practice session by a large margin. Verstappen took 1: 14.958 minutes on his fast lap and was 0.456 seconds faster than the first competitor. However, it did not come from the Mercedes warehouse: It was Lando Norris who came second. Lewis Hamilton in third place was more than half a second behind the fastest time.

Before start: After the free practice sessions, qualifying really gets down to business today. Who will secure the front row? Where do the German pilots Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher land? Here you will find an overview of the driver and constructor ratings.

V.or start: Qualifying starts at 14. Before that (11 a.m.) the drivers complete the third and final free practice session.

V.or start: Welcome to qualifying at the Grand Prix in Imola.

Formula 1 in Imola today in the live ticker - The further schedule

Saturday 17th April11 clock3. Free practice
Saturday 17th April14 o'clockQualifying
Sunday April 18th3pmrun

Formula 1: Qualifying in Imola today on TV and livestream

Motorsport fans have the opportunity to attend qualifying in Imola Sky to follow live and in full length. The pay TV broadcaster will broadcast on the channel from 1.30 p.m. Sky Sport F1. Sascha Roos comments, the former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher is the expert.

Also offers in the live stream Sky today's Formula 1 day. If you want to activate it, you have two options - one SkyGoSubscription or a SkyTicket.

Formula 1: The racing calendar at a glance

dateTime (CET)Grand Prixroutewinner
28th March17 o'clockBahrainBahrain International Circuit (Sakir)Lewis Hamilton
April 183pmEmilia-RomagnaAutodrome Enzo e Dino Ferrari (Imola)
2.May4 p.m.PortugalAutodromo Internacional do Algarve (Portimao)
May 9th3pmSpainCircuit de Bracelona-Catalunya (Barcelona)
23. May3pmMonacoCircuit de Monaco (Monte-Carlo)
6th of June14 o'clockAzerbaijanBaku City Circuit (Baku)
June 13th8 p.m.CanadaCircuit Gilles-Villeneuve (Montreal)
June 27th3pmFranceCircuit Paul Ricard (Le Castellet)
4th of July3pmAustriaRed Bull Ring (Spielberg)
July 18th4 p.m.Great BritainSilverstone Circuit (Silverstone)
August 1st3pmHungaryHungaroring (Budapest)
29th August3pmBelgiumCircuit de Spa-Francorchamps (Spa)
5th September3pmNetherlandsCircuit Park Zandvoort (Zandvoort)
12th September3pmItalyAutodromo Nazionale Monza (Monza)
September 26th14 o'clockRussiaSochi Autodrome (Sochi)
October 314 o'clockSingaporeMarina Bay Street Circuit (Singapore)
October 10th7 o'clockJapanSuzuka Inernational Racing Course (Suzuka)
October 24th21 clockUnited StatesCircuit of The Americans (Austin)
October 318 p.m.MexicoAutodromo Hermanos Rodriguez (Mexico City)
November 7th6 p.m.BrazilAutodromo Jose Carlos Pace (Sao Paulo)
21st November7 o'clockAustraliaAlbert Park Circuit (Melbourne)
December 5th17 o'clockSaudi ArabiaJeddah Street Circuit (Jeddah)
12th of December14 o'clockAbu DhabiYas Marina Circuit (Abu Dhabi)