Which company makes high quality gamepads

Play until the keys glow. The best gamepads for your Shadow

In the past, a distinction was made: controllers are for consoles, on the PC you play with a mouse and keyboard.

However, this way of thinking stems from a time when games did not appear on all platforms. Nowadays it is quite normal for most of the big titles to appear across platforms, and gaming has changed accordingly. Gamepads are now part of every proper PC setup, and many gamers can no longer imagine playing their favorite game without a gamepad. Unlike consoles, there are quite a few controllers for the PC to consider. With 5G and Shadow, controllers are even moving into the freedom of the streets and cities.

So today I would like to introduce you to three of my favorite game pads for your Shadow.

The classic - Xbox One Wireless Gamepad

Probably the most widely used gamepad for the PC is the Xbox One Wireless Controller. It is the further development of the Xbox 360 gamepad and has not only gone one step further in terms of design. The Textured Grip, which increases stability with fine grip points on the sides, ensures a better feel in the hand, and thus ensures a better feel . The feel has also improved. The joysticks feel tight and controlled, and the corrugated rings around the sticks ensure a safe feeling when navigating.

The buttons of the controller are made of high-quality and durable hard plastic that can withstand several thousand hours of gaming without any problems. The shoulder buttons are well positioned and offer a good feeling of resistance, especially with the triggers. The end of the trigger buttons is again inclined slightly upwards, so that slipping is as good as impossible.

Thanks to Bluetooth, the gamepad can not only be connected to the Xbox One, but also to Windows 10 PCs, tablets and Android smartphones - thus also to Shadow. Its universal applicability makes it a favorite of many PC gamers because you don't have to search for drivers on the Internet for a long time, you simply plug in the gamepad and it is ready to use a few minutes later.

The thing has one big disadvantage: Since it is a wireless gamepad, you get, as is typical for Microsoft, a battery chamber with two slots for AA batteries. Those who find it too expensive to buy new batteries in the long run will have to buy a rechargeable battery and the associated charging cable for better or worse.

Except for the missing battery, the Xbox One controller is a high quality gamepad that many PC gamers swear by, and thus it deserves the title of “best gamepad for PC”.

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The outsider - Sony DualShock 4

The DualShock 1 was revolutionary back then because it was the first controller with two joysticks. One to move the character, the other to move the camera. This design not only fundamentally changed gaming back then, but is still the best controller layout of all time for many gamers. In the meantime, the DualShock has arrived in the fourth generation and, thanks to the popularity of the PlayStation 4, is one of the most widely used controllers in the world.

However, many gamers nowadays drive on multiple tracks. This means that gamers are no longer limited to one system, but, as in most cases, play on a console and on the PC.

This is precisely why PC support for the PS4 controller is growing steadily. Steam, for example, has updated its settings so that the DualShock 4 can easily be used for a large number of games without having to search for drivers for a long time.

And why not? Sony's controller is of high quality and gives the players a much better grip than previous generations. The four main buttons are still flat with symbols printed on them, so unfortunately there has been no change since the PlayStation 1. However, thanks to the improved ergonomics, the trigger buttons have become much more grippy and slip-resistant than was the case with the PS3.

In addition, the DualShock has a built-in battery and a corresponding charging cable in the scope of delivery. Granted, the battery could last longer and the cable is a little short, but still better than permanent batteries or having to buy an extra battery.

Probably the biggest criticism of the PS4 controller to date is the two joysticks at the same height. In my opinion, this is a matter of getting used to, but many gamers prefer the offset layout of the Xbox controller. That is why there have been PS4 controllers from third parties for some time that have the joysticks set up in offset.

On the whole, the DualShock 4 is a very well made gamepad that you can use for many hours of gaming. And those who already have a PlayStation 4 can now use their controller more and more for computer games.

The all-rounder - Rotor Riot Controller

The design of the Rotor Riot gamepad is very reminiscent of the Xbox One controller, which is not a bad thing.

The pad is very well made, and the four main buttons are made of slightly curved and durable hard plastic. The joysticks have an offset layout and give the player a tight and precise feel.

The special thing about the Rotor Riot Gamepad is not the proven Xbox design or the high-quality workmanship, but the universal applicability. It is the first controller in the world that can be connected to an iOS or USB-C device by cable, and thus supports the L3 and R3 buttons for mobile games.

This means that developers can transfer their PC or console games directly to mobile devices without having to outsource functions from the gamepad to the touchscreen. Control on the PC, console and mobile device is therefore the same. This increases the market for mobile games immensely because the transmission of the games has become much easier.

Another advantage of the direct connection to the iOS device is that the latency is reduced to a minimum and is practically no longer noticeable.

If that's not enough for you, you can also use the Rotor Riot Gamepad to let your drone fly. It is compatible with most common drones, and thus enables many an affordable entry into the world of FPV.

For just under 50 € you get a real all-rounder from Rotor Riot that breaks the boundaries between PC, mobile gaming and flying drones. By far the most versatile gamepad on our list.

The unspectacular - Easysmx Wireless

The Easysmx Wireless Gamepad is for the thrifty gamer. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a controller, you should take a closer look at this gamepad.

The design is based on the classic Xbox 360 controller. The tried and tested formula was adopted and slightly changed again. The key assignment is like the original. The only "big" change, in contrast to the 360 ​​original, are the rubberized edges on the handles, which are supposed to provide more stability. Unlike the 360 ​​controller, the Easysmx gamepad has a built-in battery with an associated charging cable.

This gamepad does not impress with its future-oriented design, but with its price. At just under € 26, this is around half of the other controllers.

One can easily forgive the fact that the haptics feel slightly different than the original, and that the sticks are not as high-quality as those of the other two rivals.

Still, it's a rock-solid gamepad, for a more than fair price!

Which controller you choose in the end is purely a matter of taste. It's good that Shadow supports all common gamepads, and you don't have to worry about it. As long as the controller is running on a Windows 10 system, it will also work with Shadow.