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Autotest 2020: The price-performance winners

Do good cars always have to be expensive? That is not true: there are actually a whole range of technically high-quality, yet affordable cars. The ADAC list of cars with the best price-performance ratio 2020.

  • Electric cars have an advantage thanks to the environmental bonus

  • Recommendation in the middle class: BMW 3 Series and VW Passat

  • Luxury vehicles are at the bottom

Great car, technically perfect and yet not even expensive: Anyone who finds such a model to suit their personal needs can count themselves lucky. Because with the huge and confusing range of vehicle models on the German market, it is not so easy to find what you are looking for. What helps? Sure: The list of the best in the price-performance category of the ADAC car tests, which were tested in the ADAC Technik Zentrum in 2020. 94 models in all vehicle classes came up for comparison.

Skoda Kamiq and Honda Jazz: great value for money

A very good example of a vehicle with a great price-performance ratio is the Skoda Kamiq. The car shows almost no weaknesses and gets the second best overall rating in the field from the ADAC with a 2.0. It results from the Skoda Kamiq's good technology rating (grade 2.3) and the low car costs (grade 1.7). The Honda Jazz, the Peugeot e-208 and the Seat Mii, which are sorted alphabetically in the table with the same grade, also achieved the good overall grade.

TheNote autotest (technical characteristics of the vehicles) with theNote car costs (financial expense for the buyer) added up and then divided by two. The technology is just as important as the purchase price and the running costs of the car.

If the technology or the costs are more important to whom personally in case of doubt, the table according to his individual preference sort by. A good decision aid is also the respective one Link to the ADAC test, which is stored in the table for all models. All strengths and weaknesses of the respective model are explained in the test report.

The VW e-up, again a car with an electric drive, ranks ahead of the models mentioned with a grade of 1.9. The e-up is ahead of the game despite its significantly poorer technical grade because its acquisition costs are extremely reduced thanks to the environmental bonus granted in 2020. The financial support naturally also has an effect on the car costs for all other models with electric and plug-in drives.

However, who are currently the premium beneficiaries Seat Mii or VW e-up wants to increase has a problem: The electric cars from the VW Group are so popular because of the premium that they are sold out, and new orders are currently not being accepted. The orderability looks better for the Peugeot e-208 out.

At eye level is a vehicle that you wouldn't necessarily expect: the Honda Jazz, which is offered exclusively with a hybrid drive without charging option. This example shows that the conventional hybrid drive has overcome the cost disadvantages of a dual drive with a combustion engine and an electric motor - and that without any government support.

Small car segment has a clear advantage

Of the 94 models, which the ADAC tested in 2020, more than half were rated with a good price-performance ratio (grades 1.6 to 2.5). In addition to the Skoda Kamiq, small cars such as the Opel Corsa, the Mazda 2, the Nissan Juke and the Fiat 500, but also prestigious, i.e. comparatively expensive small cars such as an Audi A1 Citycarver or an A-Class, a GLA or a CLA Shooting Brakeaus were given Home Mercedes a "good".

The king of the compact class, the VW GolfThe eighth new edition is still the absolute bestseller on the market, but the current software problems are not taken into account in the evaluation. However, buyers should consider this point in their decision - even if the problems are solved free of charge and hopefully successfully by the workshops.

Price-performance winner in the middle class

It is interesting that two mid-range station wagons have also made it to the top of the list that assesses the price-performance ratio: the BMW 320d and even the highly motorized VW Passat with 190 hp, both rated as "still good" (2, 5). The Audi A4 Avant and the Mercedes GLB missed a "good" rating. Both have great technology, but are simply too expensive - at least in the version tested. The Ssangyong Tivoli would have had good cards on the cost side, but otherwise the SUV from Korea is not up to date.

Luxury cars without a chance

Tied behind in the ranking are fast and extremely high-priced vehicles such as an Audi e-tron, Mercedes GLE, BMW X5 or a Porsche 911. With their high to very high operating costs, of course, they don't stand a chance in this ranking.