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Old PSone veterans in particular should be familiar with the 'Twisted Metal' series. The first part of the series was also one of the first games for the old PlayStation and is probably the father of all 'Car Combat' games. Unfortunately, the third and fourth parts went downhill, which is why fans of the series are still on the first two games and expected very little from 'Twisted Metal: Black' for the time being. Since many developers from the original team worked on the first PlayStation 2 game in the series, 'Twisted Metal' fans can expect a real treat. You can find out everything else in this review.

One of the crazy drivers.

The story
Although 'Twisted Metal: Black' could actually pass as a simple action game, the developers insisted on it and put a detailed storyline into the game. It all starts with a mysterious man named Calypso who wants to organize a competition of a different kind. He wants eight drivers to fight each other in their vehicles pimped up with various weapons. The winner is the last one alive. Sounds macabre, is macabre. However, since it is rather unlikely that someone will simply take part in this competition, Calypso naturally offers the winner a very special reward. A wish is to be granted to the winner.

In addition, however, the various drivers who accept Calypso’s challenge come almost exclusively from the local hospital for the mentally ill. Of course, you don't sit in such a hospital for no reason, and so each of the 15 morbid characters has its own story with it. The subject matter of these stories also explains the 'black' in the title and has a very depraved charm that is probably not for everyone. Unfortunately, there is a big catch with the story. As some of you may well remember, the PAL version of 'Twisted Metal: Black' was postponed for a long time due to the shocking events on September 11th. With the release of the game, the fears of many fans have now come true: material has been removed.

While some small but questionable things like the now inability to shoot down a circling plane in one of the levels can be easily put up with, there are some changes to the game that are questionable in their own way. Almost all cutscenes have been removed from the game, which means that the story mode simply doesn't deserve its name anymore, since you won't learn anything about the motivation or the goal of your chosen driver while playing. However, if you drive over several abandoned and visibly battered skyscrapers in one level and can bypass rows of seats in a crashed or at least partially destroyed aircraft, you ask yourself whether the censorship was particularly deliberate in this case. Because even if the 'sick' characters and their stories are by no means harmless, there are no direct connections to the reason for the defusing.

One of the few cutscenes.

The game modes
When you have arrived in the main menu, you first have to decide whether you want to compete alone or with up to three other players. For single players, 'Twisted Metal: Black' offers the story mode, in which you have to survive a total of eight rounds, and the competition mode, in which you can freely choose one of the ten arenas and up to eight opponents. In addition, there is also the endurance mode, which, similar to various fighting games, lets an infinite number of opponents compete against you one after the other. Have you unlocked everything or just enough of computer-controlled opponents, it is time to explore the multiplayer modes.

While with more than two players only the self-explanatory 'Deathmatch' mode is available, with two players the group mode and the 'last win' mode can also be played. In the former, you compete against six opponents in pairs and fight your way through eight levels one after the other - actually the same as in the story mode, only that there are two of you here. The 'last win' mode is a little more complicated and represents a successful alternative to the simple 'deathmatch'. Before starting the game, four cars have to be chosen, whereby both players choose two each. Then an arena is chosen and off we go. Now both start with the same vehicle and have the three other machines as 'reserve'. As soon as a player's energy bar is empty, he must use the next car. If the fourth and last body is finally razed to the ground, the game is lost.

The gameplay
Before you venture into the arenas with the anything but beginner-friendly opponents, you should first try to internalize the controls. This turns out to be quite unusual, especially for racing game fans. In contrast to most racing games, you accelerate with the square button. In addition, you can activate a turbo by pressing twice. Anyone who now assumes that the X button is responsible for braking is wrong. With the X button you can make tighter turns, which is roughly equivalent to the handbrake in other games. You release the right brake by pressing the circle button. Alternatively, you can accelerate and brake with the right analog stick or the digital control pad.

Outlaw cleans up.

The most important components of the game are of course the weapons with which you have to heat up your opponents. With the L1 and R1 buttons you choose between the collected weapons and with L2 you fire them. But since you don't always have special weapons at hand, each of the vehicles naturally also has a machine gun as standard that can be used with the R2 button. The penetration power of the machine gun leaves a lot to be desired, so you should start looking for weapons lying around while shooting. Those who absolutely do not like this control can fall back on one of the other two assignments, but these are not less exotic.

The choice of weapons ranges from various missiles that are either heat-seeking or simply very powerful, to unusual constructions such as a device that influences the environment and, for example, ensures that the targeted enemy feels the lightning of a thundercloud. In addition, each vehicle has a special maneuver that recharges again and again and can thus be used again. In terms of strength, these actions are quite balanced and of course also depend on your respective vehicle. For example, if you are out and about with Mr. Grimm's nimble motorcycle, you shouldn't expect a special destructive maneuver with which you can kill every opponent immediately. The huge truck from Darkside, whose special maneuver then also consists of a ramming attack, stands for strength.

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