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2.1 Are you showing all European countries (REGION column)?
2.2 List the names of all countries in ascending order.
2.3 Do you give the names of all European countries which have between 1 million and 2 million inhabitants? Sort the output by population, descending.
2.4 Sort all countries by population in descending order! Only output countries with population is not null.
2.5 Do you sort all African countries by population (descending)? Only consider the countries with POPULATION IS NOT NULL.
2.6 Which African countries have population information but no GDP information? Sorted by country name.
2.7 Find all countries with 'ag' in their name (note upper and lower case), sorted according to their number of inhabitants (descending).
2.8 Find all countries with the letter combination 'MA' in the name (regardless of upper / lower case). Sort by your full name.
2.9 Find all countries with names longer than 12 letters! Sort by gross national product (GDP_USD). Only output countries with GDP information.
2.10 Find all Asian countries that do not have Gross National Product (GDP_USD) information. Sorted by country name in ascending order.
2.11 Do you sort all European countries by GDP per inhabitant (descending)? Output the country name, GDP per inhabitant, GDP and number of inhabitants. Round the GDP per inhabitant to a whole number.
2.12 Find all countries that have a gross national product> 1 billion and whose names begin with 'G'. Sorted by country name in ascending order.
2.13 Enter your name and the name of the continent for all countries whose names begin with the letter G and which have a gross national product> 1 billion. Output the countries so that those with a longer country name appear before those with a shorter one.
2.14 For all countries, enter the continent name, subcontinent name, COUNTRY_ISO3, name, and the total length of their designation (continent name - subcontinent name - COUNTRY_ISO3 - name). The sorting should be done according to the total length of the designation. Use a subquery to maintain the description at one point in the code
2.15 Find all countries that have an 'a' as the second letter in their name. Sorting according to the number of inhabitants (descending).