What is a singer


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The voice as an instrument

Singers are often asked by outsiders: "And what do you do during the day?" Like everyone who plays an instrument or works with their bodies, singers have to practice during the day, which makes up the majority of their working hours. You have rehearsals, take lessons and prepare for a role or a piece of music at home.

What am I doing?

Singers are either permanently employed at an opera house or for a musical production or belong to an ensemble or professional choir. Not infrequently, however, they are also freelance artists and teachers. Your task is first of all to cultivate and train your voice on a daily basis. You prepare yourself at home to study new pieces of music or roles and practice them with a répétiteur. Together with a conductor or director, sometimes with both, you work out an interpretation and rehearse it with your choir or as a soloist with the orchestra and the other singers.

As an opera, operetta or musical singer, you also need acting talent and rehearse your role not only musically, but also scenically. Many singers take lessons themselves from time to time in order to continue working on their possibilities or to change vocal subject. They are in the recording studio for music recordings. But you also teach young singers. They also have music educational tasks at music schools and conservatories.

Where do I work?

At opera houses, musical stages, concert promoters, choirs, music schools and conservatories.

What requirements do I need?

a very good voice, musical talent, acting or stage talent, knowledge of music history and theory

How can I learn this profession?

Studies at a music academy or university; musical performers also receive dance training, which is offered in special musical courses