Donald Trump showers

Showers become an issue in Donald Trump's election campaign

US President Donald Trump, fighting for his re-election and currently losing to his Democratic challenger Joe Biden according to polls, has found a new topic for his election campaign: showers. Or the amount of water that can splash out of shower heads.

Trump had visited a facility owned by the building services company Whirlpool last week and commented on the fact that the current regulations governing the discharge of water from shower heads make it impossible to wash your "beautiful hair" - the whole thing would be 20 minutes longer last. That Trump has a special relationship with his main hair, he already proved in the 2016 election campaign when he let a TV reporter pull his hair to prove that he did not wear a toupee.

Since the 1990s, US standards have stipulated that showers may emit a maximum of 9.5 liters of water per minute - this upper limit also applies to several nozzles per shower. Now the US Department of Energy has presented a draft that aims to change the limitation: the 9.5 liters of water per minute should then apply per nozzle and no longer per shower.

Donald Trump has already communicated his expertise in sanitary matters several times during his presidency: Most recently, he said that water-saving fittings are complete nonsense in parts of the world where there is so much water that it "even falls from the sky". US comedy star Sarah Cooper took the president's donation as an opportunity for a parody worth seeing.