Which plants have beautiful leaves?

These plants have a beautiful autumn color

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1 | 18 The wing or cork spindle is rather inconspicuous. That changes in autumn, when their leaves turn intensely red. The shrub grows up to 3 meters high, but grows slowly and is easy to prune. It does not like soil that is too dry and sunny to partially shaded locations.

© picture alliance / botanikfoto, photo: Steffen Hauser

2 | 18 The leaves of the copper rock pear glow orange in autumn. The easy-care shrub can be planted either individually or as a hedge and likes a sunny to partially shaded location and loose soil.

© picture-alliance / VISIONSPICTURES, photo: Visions Botanical

3 | 18 The green hedge barberry is also ideal for hedges - as it is densely branched. Its leaves turn orange to dark red in autumn.

© picture alliance / Arco Images GmbH, photo: K. Hinze

4 | 18 The golden barberry also looks great. Their foliage changes color from golden yellow to red. The plant bears beautiful yellow flowers in spring.


5 | 18 Bright red walls, walls or fences: if you want to achieve this, it is best to plant wild wine. The undemanding climbing plant grows quickly and is suitable for greening desolate areas. The sunnier their location, the more intense the autumn color.

© M. Schuppich / fotolia, photo: M. Schuppich

6 | 18 In many new varieties of witch hazel, the leaves turn bright yellow to crimson in autumn. When the plant has lost its leaves, the delicate winter bloom begins in January. The shrub reaches a height of 3 to 5 meters.

7 | 18 The leaves of the vinegar tree shine orange to red in autumn. It reaches a maximum height of 6 meters and is therefore well suited for smaller gardens. Since it grows heavily underground, it should be provided with a root barrier.

© DOC RABE Media / fotolia, Photo: DOC RABE Media

8 | 18 A relative of the vinegar tree is the wig bush. In summer it scores with eye-catching flowers, in autumn it sets accents in the garden with red-colored leaves. It is easy to care for, likes a sunny location and is also suitable for pots.

© Eberhard Morell / OKAPIA, Photo: Eberhard Morell

9 | 18 Certain species of cranesbill are also highly recommended. For example, the leaves of the forest cranesbill turn yellow, orange, and scarlet.

© picture alliance, photo: picture alliance / Hinrich Bäsemann

10 | 18 The Japanese maple is an autumn classic, because its filigree leaves turn yellow-orange to carmine-red in October. There are three types: Japanese, Japanese and gold maple.

© NDR, photo: Werner Sührig

11 | 18 While the Japanese maple reaches an impressive size with a height of up to 7 meters, the other two remain rather small with up to 2 meters and are also suitable for smaller gardens and pots. With more than 400 varieties, the Japanese maple is extremely diverse.

© NDR, photo: Kathrin Weber

12 | 18 The ginkgo tree is completely yellow in autumn. Originally from China, the plant now grows worldwide. The ginkgo has fan-shaped leaves, a broad crown and can grow up to 30 meters high. It prefers a sunny location.

© NDR, photo: Hannelore Oldenburg

13 | 18 With the sweetgum tree you can bring the Indian summer into your own garden. It comes from North America and has maple-like leaves that show a special splendor of colors in autumn. The color spectrum ranges from black violet to yellow orange. The sweetgum tree grows up to 20 meters, but grows slowly and likes sunny locations.

© imago, photo: Jürgen Schwarz

14 | 18 beautiful berries in an intense purple form the beautiful fruit from October. The plant, which originally comes from China, is also called the love pearl bush and is a real eye-catcher outside of the gardening season. While the leaves fall off in autumn, the berries stay on the shrub well into winter. The beautiful fruit is easy to care for and reaches a height of 2 to 3 meters.

© ChristianPedant / fotolia, Photo: ChristianPedant

15 | 18 The lilac-like umbels of the panicle hydrangea turn pink in autumn. The plant is very hardy and tolerates drought quite well compared to other hydrangeas.


16 | 18 The leaves of the chokeberry - also known as aronia - turn deep red in autumn. The black berries are ripe as early as late summer. They contain a lot of vitamin C and can be processed into juice or jam. In spring, the up to 1.50 meter high shrub impresses with its pretty white flowers.

© Pellinni / fotolia, Photo: Pellinni

17 | 18 The leaves of the common snowball also glow deep red in autumn. The shrub, which can grow up to 4 meters high, also bears beautiful berries from late summer onwards, but they are inedible.

© NDR, photo: Norbert Brandt from Neubrandenburg

18 | 18 In spring it forms pretty white flower umbels. In addition to the common viburnum, there are several other species of viburnum, including evergreen, fragrant and yellow-fruited ones.

© jekyma / fotolia, photo: jekyma

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