Why do people normalize introversion

Can other people make an introvert sick by being present?


i have a boy with whom i go on dates for a long time and it got more serious between us. Now I think I hurt him.

he wrote me the days he misses me and would like to see me, but I got sick. He was disappointed but understood. 1-2 days later I felt better and my friends asked me if I wanted to do something with them. I said yes and left with them. He found out about this from me, of course, and was disappointed.

That was very stupid of me, I know. You could tell that a bit because he seemed distant. I also asked him that he had been aloof for days and was also a little annoyed that he didn't say what his problem was.
Then he said "we should end this" He ignored everything else I wrote to him afterwards.

(Before that I was also very "needy" and I kept reproaching him for not wanting me anymore, blabla)

A day later I asked him if he could at least tell me the reason why I did wrong, then I would leave him alone. Then came "for the 100x you have not done anything. I don't know what you want to hear from me ”. I was frustrated because I knew he was mad at me but just won't say it.

I then wrote “okay, you just lost the need?” And after a long radio silence he said: “I just don't understand why you tell me that you are sick, but then you meet up with your friends. You didn't want to see me because you're sick. What does this mean? That's just stupid. "

I apologized and said that if he comes back from abroad (because he had to leave that day) that he should write to me if he has his opinion about us and we do something.

He said: "I am writing to you"

Now should I leave him alone for now? What would you do in my situation?

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