How did Victoria Siegel die

US reality star talks about drug death of daughter (18)

Jackie Siegel (53) wants to go public with the background to her daughter's drug death! In 2012 the documentary “Queen of Versailles” told the story of the billionaire couple Jackie and David Siegel as well as their plans to build the largest house in America. Three years after filming, their daughter Victoria died of an overdose of methadone and antidepressants at the age of just 18. Now Victoria's secret diary is about to appear.

The American reality star explained that the publication of the diary was her daughter's last wish. “Her last wish was recorded in a text: I should find the diary where it was hidden and publish it because she thought it would help save the lives of other teenagers”said the billionaire wife in conversation with Fox News. Jackie felt that she had to carry on Victoria's legacy. The diary first made the parents themselves aware that she was a drug addict: "We didn't know that she was using drugs."

The loss of her daughter was very difficult for the mother. “The press followed us very closely. I felt like I was being bullied by all these photographers, ”she recalled. Jackie and David then withdrew from the public. "But at some point we felt that we had to speak up and let people know how bad an opioid addiction really is."the 53-year-old tried to explain.

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