Jennifer Lawrence would stop being so amazing

Jennifer Lawrence takes a stance on Harvey Weinstein and she has a lot to say to him

Because exactly such statements are brought up by the lawyers as a defense against the class action filed - and thus used for Weinstein's purposes. To show that many women still stand behind him and only have good things to say about him ...

Jennifer Lawrence takes a clear position:

WHAT ?! Is it really that easy to twist such a cord out of their words for the actresses? Jennifer Lawrence is justifiably incredibly angry about it. She immediately made it clear to TMZ:

“Harvey Weinstein and his company are still doing what they have always done. Namely, to take things out of context and turn them so that you can use them for yourself. That has to stop at last! "

Because just because she is not one of his victims and (luckily) is not one of the women who accuse the producer of sexual assault and abuse, that does not mean that all other statements are weakened should. The actress makes this more than clear:

“To take note again: Even if I was not personally the victim of Harvey Weinstein, I stand behind the women who went through his terrible abuse. And I applaud them for taking all means to bring him to justice. Time’s Up! "

Weinstein uses the words of Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep for his purposes: