What are the best arguments against abortion

Abortion: Pros and Cons

Controversial Abortion: What Is It Exactly?In this article, you will learn what exactly an abortion is and how it is performed. Particular emphasis is placed on the question of the conditions under which abortion is permissible. We also look at how often there is an abortion.

Abortion, also known as termination of pregnancy, is the premature, unnatural termination of a pregnancy. The growing child is removed from the mother's womb and dies. You can imagine that abortion is still highly controversial and is handled very differently in many countries. Whether an unborn child can be killed by medical intervention raises a whole host of questions on many levels.

The a There is no right solution to this conflict, as shown by the completely different regulations on abortion around the world. But since human life is at stake, it is important that the debate is serious and balanced.

There are several methods to perform an abortion. The most common methods are aspiration and drug termination. With the suction method, the unborn child is sucked off through the vagina with a blunt tube. In medical abortion, the drugs cause the uterus to expel the unborn child.

When to have an abortion

Whether and under what conditions an abortion is possible varies from country to country. In Germany, termination of pregnancy is generally a criminal offense. Exceptions allow an abortion with impunity in three cases:

  1. The pregnant woman takes part in a pregnancy conflict counseling and has three days to think about it. A legal termination is then possible up to the 12th week of pregnancy.
  2. If the pregnancy is the result of a sexual offense, an abortion can also be performed up to the 12th week of pregnancy.
  3. If the health of a pregnant woman is in serious danger due to complications, the termination can be carried out until the end of the pregnancy.

96% of abortions are performed because of the # 1.

In other countries there are very different rules about abortion. In many countries, such as Bolivia or Chile, abortion is strictly forbidden and only allowed if the woman's health is in danger. Other countries, however, such as the Netherlands, allow abortions even up to the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Abortions are more common than expected

If you had to guess how often do you think abortions are performed in Germany? The numbers will probably surprise you: for every 100 births in 2015, there were 13.25 abortions. More than every 10th pregnancy was terminated with it.

Pro-arguments for abortion

  • Independent decision: Women should be able to decide for themselves about their bodies, which are greatly changed by pregnancy. You shouldn't be forced into an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Health Risk: Some pregnancies do not go as planned. This can endanger the life of the pregnant woman. The right to life of an unborn child does not outweigh the right to life of the mother.
  • Drifting into illegality: If abortions are prohibited, they are often carried out unprofessionally and illegally, which harbors high health risks for the pregnant woman.
  • Disability: Children with the most severe disabilities that severely affect both the life of the parents and the child can be aborted early.

Contra arguments against abortion

  • Right to life: Even an unborn child who is still in the development stage has a full right to life.
  • Religious motives: Many argue here that only God can give and take life. Man is not allowed to play God independently.
  • Postpartum Options: Unwanted children can be put up for adoption and do not need to be aborted. The child's life is more important than a “lifestyle decision” according to which the child does not fit into the life plan.