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Magenta Sports Live Stream

Watch Magenta Sport online legally and free of charge

With Mangenta Sport you stay up to date with current events in the Bundesliga, the ice hockey league and the women's Bundesliga. We'll show you how you can receive Magenta Sport as a non-Magenta customer and watch it as a live stream.

Magenta Sport in live stream! So you can watch the station legally and free of charge - on TV or online on your PC and mobile phone.

What is Magenta Sport?

Until January 2019, the TV broadcaster was still known under the name Telekom Sport. Telekom customers see the offer at a reduced price, but non-Telekom customers can also take out a subscription to MagentaSport.

What sports content is offered?

Magenta Sport shows all games of the 3rd league as well as the German ice hockey league and the German basketball league live. Basketball fans can also see the matches of the national team and all games in the Euroleague with German participation as well as selected top games and the Final Four. You will also receive the women's soccer Bundesliga and the FC Bayern Munich TV station.

Depending on the subscription model you choose, you can also watch football and handball broadcasts from Sky with Sky Sport Kompakt. This includes all Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League conferences.

Watch Magenta Sport live stream free and legally online

If you subscribe to one of the following online television offers, you can watch Magenta Sport online. All TV streaming providers also have an iOS and Android app with which you can watch Magenta Sport live on your mobile device. Most providers even offer apps for Android TV, Samsung Tizen and Amazon Fire TV. We have provided details on this on the respective provider pages.

With these TV streaming apps you can watch the live stream of Magenta Sport online - sometimes without registration and free of charge.

Watch Magenta Sport online in your browser

You can also watch Magenta Sport in the browser without any problems. The legal live streams from Magenta Sport for this can be found below. Unless otherwise indicated, you neither need to register, nor do you have to pay for the stream.

Tip! If you prefer the simple browser, you should take a look at this list: Get 175 TV channels for free in the live stream.

Since all streams run directly in the browser, you can start the stream on a laptop and connect it to the television. With the appropriate resolution and bandwidth, you will get a full picture on your television. Alternatively, you can make your television "smart" and then start the stream directly on the television using the integrated browser.

This is even more convenient with TV sticks or streaming boxes. You can simply connect this to the HDMI port on your television and then use streaming apps. You can find out which devices this works with and which are particularly good by comparing the best TV sticks and streaming boxes.

IPTV: Receive Magenta Sport over the DSL connection

Some providers offer you the option of receiving the TV signal via your DSL connection. In contrast to classic streaming, these offers are provider-specific in most cases. In some cases, these services also differ technically from the competition in that, for example, special receivers are required. We compared the largest IPTV providers in a comparison. There you can find out more about the costs and scope of the individual IPTV offers.

You can receive Magenta Sport with the following IPTV providers. The necessary transmitter packages are listed separately.

If you are interested in one of the IPTV offers, take a look at the combination tariffs for Internet, television and landline. The bottom line is that these tariffs - called "triple play" - offer a very good price-performance ratio. Before doing this, you should definitely check whether you meet the necessary connection requirements and make sure that these offers are provider-bound. It is also worth taking a look at the smaller, local providers.

We have media libraries that offer entire episodes in the stream for you in our special "Program missed? Watch entire episodes in the media library". There you can have a look around as soon as you have missed a broadcast on the public or various private channels.

Watch Magenta Sport abroad

You can easily access the Magenta Sport Streams in Germany. The situation is different with access from abroad, here German broadcasters may be forced to stop streaming due to licensing reasons. Magenta Sport and others use a technique called geo-blocking to do this. To work around this, you need one of the following VPNs:

You can find all of the VPN services we have tested in our VPN comparison. There we will also show you how you can use a free VPN service for a short period of time or which other alternatives are available to you.

Magenta Sport received as a live TV provider

SoccerbasketballIce hockey (DEL)FC BayernSky Sport Compact
Complete 3rd divisionAll games of the BBLComplete main round live Daily live contentAll Sky conferences of the Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League
Top games in the women's BundesligaTop games in the EuroleagueComplete playoffs live Exclusive insightsAll games of the handball Bundesliga

If you convince yourself of what Magenta Sport has to offer, you can also book the TV channel like a live TV provider. You have to pay monthly for the station, but at the same time you are independent of long-term contracts with Sky or Deutsche Telekom.

What do the Magenta Sport packages cost me?

Telekom customers have a clear advantage with Magenta Sport. The normal Magenta Sport package is free for Telekom customers for the first twelve months. Thereafter, € 4.95 per month will be charged. Anyone who books Sky Sport Kompakt as a Telekom customer also pays 9.95 euros per month. The duration is twelve months and the notice period for the subscription is two months.

Non-Telekom customers cannot add Sky Sport Kompakt to their subscription. For this purpose, there is the possibility to set up a monthly subscription for Magenta Sport, which can be canceled at the end of each month. Here you pay 16.95 euros per month. As a non-Telekom customer, you can also commit yourself for twelve months and then only pay 9.95 per month.

How can I receive Magenta Sport?

Magenta Sport is available on numerous devices. The Magenta Sport app is available for smartphones and tablets under Android and iOS. Chromecast and AirPlay are supported, so you can optionally stream the content from your mobile device to the TV. There is also an app for Smart TVs from Samsung and the Fire TV streaming player from Amazon.

Reception via a web browser is also no problem. You can also receive Magenta Sport on your PC or Mac. And even if Magenta Sport can primarily be received via the Internet, Telekom customers can also watch the service's channels on their Telekom media receiver from channel 301. You can also find all options for streaming above in the article.

Watch out, trap! Magenta Sport live stream via dubious providers

Make sure that you always use Magenta Sport live streams from a legal website. You should avoid dubious IPTV apps with several thousand channels or unauthorized websites that offer the live stream of Magenta Sport in the player. Otherwise you may make yourself liable to prosecution. The same rules apply here as for illegal streaming or torrent sites. Alternatively, you can also look again on the homepage of Magenta Sport, there you should find all reception options.

Other sports channels

In addition to Magenta Sport, you can receive hundreds of other channels in the live stream. Including the following sports channels: