What is a script

The script is used for clarity and simplification

A script is usually a compact elaboration of the subject matter published by the university or the chair and usually serves as the basis for exam preparation. The word script comes from manuscript and means writing, recording or elaboration. While scripts were originally made by hand, today they are mostly available in digital form.

When designing a script, the lecturer ideally restricts himself to the essential aspects of the content, which is why scripts present the content in a highly summarized manner. Thus, they are the link between your lecture notes and the basic literature given by the lecturer. Often scripts are offered online for download from the chair's website or are sold directly via a copy shop. Due to the focus on the essentials, the script does not claim to be complete! Therefore you should always consider the recommended literature of the lecturer!

Alternatively, there are also student scripts here on Unidog that particularly hard-working students have created for their own exam preparation. The advantage: these scripts have been specially prepared for efficient exam preparation. For example, many students mark in their own script what they consider to be particularly relevant for the exam. Such a student script will of course also help if the lecturer does not provide his own script.