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Speech recognition software test 2021

the essentials in brief
  • Typing texts is very exhausting. If you don't have the time and have to type the entire day, you need support. It used to be the dictation machine from which the secretary typed. Speech recognition software can now take on this function.
  • Speech recognition software is used in law firms, agencies and generally in offices or at home for dictation. The software is available for Android and iOS as well as for the Apple, Windows or Linux operating systems.
  • Speech recognition software often causes errors. For this reason, high quality software is important. There are not many providers of such software.

The speech recognition software test shows that some software still has problems. For example, a dictation can also be spoken with Windows itself, which the Word program then converts into text. Difficulties cause difficult-to-understand letters, such as n and m, or differences in upper and lower case. If a user wants to buy speech recognition software, such a problem should be aware. Speaking clearly is of course important. Nevertheless, a text correction of the result of the speech recognition software may be necessary.

This type of software can detect a speaker's voice using the best possible microphone. The words are converted into letters and words within text software. The speech recognition software comparison shows programs that deliver good results even with the help of the built-in microphone. The Stiftung Warentest tested speech recognition software many years ago and came to an interesting result. This result is still interesting in 2021.

1. This is speech recognition software and this is what it is used for

Speech recognition software is a type of software that must be able to recognize words. The best way to use this software is to identify upper and lower case letters. Free speech recognition software is also available or usable, but the quality here may not be satisfactory. The software must if possible also be able to handle dialects.

We recommend in our purchase advice such software as well, because time-consuming typing work can be shortened in this way. Even if text has to be corrected again afterwards, this software can do a job in less time. This category of software may still have problems with dialects and unclear pronunciation. However, perhaps only a third of the time should be allowed for a job. Two thirds of the original working time could possibly be saved. So it pays to weigh the pros and cons of speech recognition software.

Advantages and disadvantages of speech recognition software shown transparently:

  • The software saves work
  • Texts are recorded quickly
  • Exhausting typing is avoided
  • The software increases the performance
  • Clear language is a must
  • Typos do occur
  • Text content could be heard by others
  • Corrections of texts are necessary

The three most important functions of speech recognition software we explain in the following overview:

identify language The software can understand speech using a microphone - With the current state of the art, language is well understood
Conversion of speech The acoustic information is recognized and converted to letters in the program - Known words are output by the program.
textwriting The software writes the Text promptly in a text software - A correct text can be saved immediately

2. This speech recognition software is available in reasonable price ranges

Good speech recognition software can also work with slightly unclear speech. But not only the clarity of language is important for the quality. A program must go beyond that also know and recognize foreign terms. A good brand or manufacturer has also integrated recognition for foreign terms into the speech recognition software. A speech recognition software comparison winner best differentiates not only according to words, but maybe also according to syllables. However, the best speech recognition software does not have to be purchased too expensive.

There is also inexpensive speech recognition software, whereby the purchase price pays for itself very quickly. After just one working day, the software saved an enormous amount of time, so that more profit could be made with such software. The speech recognition software is particularly suitable for the commercial sector. Alternatively, software can of course also be used at home.

A well-known dictation software is called Dragon Naturally Speaking. This software helps dictate and type. The Dragon speech recognition can be found in the speech recognition software comparison in different variants. The Speaking and creating texts works faster with this and saves time. Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional is available as individual software for around 200 euros. This high-quality software also works with an app and already offers a lot of performance. If this is too expensive, Dragon Naturally Speaking is available for around 100 euros. It is also possible to process speech into text cheaply. Dragon Naturally Speaking might be too easy for demanding users, however. That's why there is also a version of Dragon Professional Individual for around 500 euros.

3. How To Buy A Speech Recognition Software: How It Should Work

An older or current version of Speech Recognition for Mac or Speech Recognition for Windows can help. Of course, speech recognition can be searched online and Speech recognition software can be used as freeware. However, purchased programs do a lot more. The versions of Dragon Dictation in turn allow a better conversion of speech recognition into text. The type of license can apparently not be selected based on the number of users. There is, however, adapted group software for law firms.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is speech recognition software that creates text similar to a dictation machine with speech recognition. According to the manufacturer, the software should have around 99 percent accuracy. Users should also expect this from software, since otherwise corrections would have to be made too intensively. Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking saves money, according to the software around a third of the time for texts. Speech recognition software can never meet these requirements for free.

Trying out a trial version of Dragon Naturally Speaking could help make a decision. As a speech recognition for Word, there are also other versions for different company areas. For example, there are special solutions from Dragon for law firms that are also much cheaper. Some speech recognition software for Windows 10 can be ordered with a headset. Such a program serves as an alternative to Siri from Apple or to Alexa from Amazon. Dictation does not always work optimally, although it is constantly being improved.

The speech recognition software test shows that software from Nuance can do a lot. Sometimes it also offers a reading function, optimal compatibility with current operating systems and ongoing updates. Speech recognition for Windows 7 also works well on a modern system. Speech recognition software can even implement a few specified voice commands in order to edit a text. Speech recognition software works best with a headsetbecause the language is then picked up more clearly. The built-in microphone will have a little more problems.

A comparison of speech recognition software shows that the software works really fast. Compared to the free software, it is also more reliable. Nevertheless, the speech recognition software only provides this service if the standard German is spoken as clearly as possible. Solutions in foreign languages ​​would have to be specifically sought. The speech recognition software test mainly includes programs that work in German.

Tip: Speech recognition software can only recognize certain dimensions and abbreviations. The user must first read in here.

A user can use this high-quality software, which is definitely more functional than cheaper or free software also available for the Mac. Not every speech recognition software vendor offers solutions for many systems.

4. Use and Maintenance

Fortunately, speech recognition software does not require any maintenance. Only updates are particularly useful for speech recognition. Processing speech into text is always better with the help of a microphone or headset. Otherwise the quality of the text will decrease if the quality of the internal microphone is insufficient. A good headset is sufficient and only needs to be connected to the PC become. As soon as this is up and running, the speech recognition software can be used.

Speech recognition is controlled with the help of certain commands that are specified for the program. There are commands for punctuation marks, an error correction, for measurements or abbreviations. The speech recognition software takes a little practice.

Note: Speech recognition software is also suitable for writing e-mails or for the work of doctors. Even people with disabilities benefit from it.

Overtime could be avoided with the help of speech recognition software. Too much overtime causes depression, according to one study. The Time saving reduces the risk of this. Such software could help in many areas in the office and bring more peace to everyday office life.

5. Useful questions and answers about speech recognition software

5.1. What are the names of well-known manufacturers?

Some of the smartest speech recognition software include:

  • Linguatec
  • Microsoft Dictate
  • Nuance Dragon
  • Speak a message

5.2. What kind of speech recognition software for which users?

Speech recognition software for the home does not have to be expensive to purchase. Specific solutions can be found for doctors or lawyers. Speech recognition software should only do thatPrice that can be earned with it. The time savings can pay for themselves within a few hours. If you write a lot, you should definitely choose a high-quality version of the software.

Note: Speech recognition software such as Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking is a comparison winner that should definitely be considered.

5.3. Where can I find a speech recognition software for my needs?

On the platform amazon.deprices can be compared well. Recommendations for specific solutions for the commercial sector can also be found here. A good recognition of technical terms would be important for the commercial sector. The software should be tested once beforehand in order to avoid undesired errors.

Tip: Users who like to work with speech recognition should buy software. If this is not the case, free programs such as Cortana and Siri are probably also suitable.

5.4. Is there already a speech recognition software test from Stiftung Warentest?

In the month of 01/2004, the dictation software, which has now become popular, was examined more closely. You can read more about the test here. Such software definitely supports important processes in the office. If such software is required, it is important to compare possible solutions.

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