What are the best decorating ideas

Decoration ideas: the most beautiful ideas

Only the right decoration ideas make an apartment a cozy and homely place and, above all, an individual home. Home textiles, pictures and other tasteful decorations are therefore indispensable when furnishing. The ideas of the possibilities are almost limitless and range from decorations to buy to tips for making yourself. A lot of inspiration for decorating for every taste - whether simple, colorful, romantic or very exclusive - you will find here.

Decoration ideas for every area in the home

Even if there is not much space in your own home, there are always great decoration ideas that can be easily integrated. Even a hallway that previously seemed highly impersonal, a bare bathroom and a sober study can be turned into a pleasant feel-good area with carefully selected decorations.

In the living room and dining room, it is usually easier to place elements for decoration. An aesthetic flower decoration as a table decoration is almost always possible in terms of space and exudes a friendly flair. Stylish candlesticks bring an elegant atmosphere into the rooms and complement each other well with assembly frames with your favorite photos.

In the nursery, the kids like it colorful and exciting. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the decoration there is child-friendly and functional. An expensive display figure made of fragile porcelain is less advisable than, for example, children's toys made of wood or plastic.

Unfortunately for many, the bedroom ekes out a dreary existence. Here, too, there are great design ideas that make waking up in the morning a pleasure. Mirrors, comfortable fabrics, soft carpets and decorative pillows are just a few examples of how to decorate a cozy sleeping oasis.

If you are in the fortunate position of having a garden, balcony or terrace available, you can of course also let off steam here decoratively. A successful garden decoration, with cleverly staged light sources, for social evenings is always well received and spreads that holiday feeling among guests and family members.

When it comes to decorating, however, the following applies: less is more and only then has a perfect effect. A decoration that is too lavish or overloaded loses its chic and is more oppressive than enriching.

Use and variety of homely decorating ideas

For a small or hose-like hallway in which many doors lead to the other rooms, vertically arranged decorations such as a hanging basket or a sturdy floor vase are suitable. A wall decoration with small pictures hanging one below the other also looks very nice and gives the entrance area a loving touch. With a flower decoration on the outside of the apartment door, you radiate this empathy even outside, which gives everyone who enters a warm welcome feeling.

If your bathroom is tiled all the way to the top, wall decorations are often difficult to apply. Because no landlord wants to have holes in their tiles to hang them up. Cable systems that are screwed to the ceiling and on which you can hang pictures help here. Plants that are suitable for damp rooms also add a touch of freshness and elegance to your bathroom.

Decoration tip: It is often assumed that drilling into the joints of the tiled surfaces is generally allowed, which can lead to massive annoyance. It is best to ask your landlord beforehand whether and to what extent he will accept this.

A study becomes a creative place if there is more than just a desk and cupboards with boring files. Cheerful splashes of color or a decoration that sets accents work wonders. Depending on personal preference, this can be attractive sculptures or inspiring murals. A flower decoration brings additional life to the creative room and enriches the working hours with a soothing aura.

A seasonally arranged decoration not only brings the seasons into your home. It also has the advantage that it alternately brings a breath of fresh air into your four walls. A spring decoration or Easter decoration is a wonderful harbinger for the longed-for summer months. A summer decoration brings a good mood into your apartment and an autumn decoration impresses with its beautiful earthy colors. A successful Christmas decoration spreads a contemplative and cozy atmosphere, which is good for the soul at the end of the year.

Decoration tip: make flower decorations and paper decorations yourself

Do-it-yourself has a very special place in decorating. It also offers the positive opportunity to do handicrafts together with friends and - depending on the level of difficulty - even the children can be involved.

The DIY for paper decorations is ideal, for example, for children's hands who can already handle folding techniques and scissors. Fine ideas from paper cutting or origami not only inspire children's hearts, but also those of adults. The filigree decoration ideas can be set up by yourself or hung up as a mobilé. Homemade lampshades or paper lanterns are also very popular. It is important here that the paper decoration is not draped too close to the lamp for safety reasons. With paper decorations, you should also make sure that you do not decorate them permanently in damp environments, such as the bathroom or outside. Otherwise they quickly look unsightly there. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using it as a garden decoration at an upcoming party.

You can not only get a flower decoration from a florist, but you can easily make one yourself. When walking in the forest, on meadows or in your own garden, there is always material to make a wonderful arrangement. For this you can work with wire to tie it together or with a plug compound. Whether you want to use fresh flowers, dried plants or a mixture of them is up to your individual wishes. Dry arrangements last longer than bouquets made from fresh plants, but are usually not quite as colorful.

By the way, old mason jars or bowls are also ideal for decorating stones, twigs or flowers.

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