Habits When do most Americans shower

There is no shower today ...

... and the soap goes home: The unwashed are on the rise.

Statistics in this area are not very reliable, it is said, because people are reluctant to admit that they do not shower daily. In this respect, it could be "soap" if 93 percent of Americans state that they soap themselves in the shower almost every day.

There are some indications that the well-known strict hygiene and cleanliness criteria of the Americans are changing. In particular, a New York Times article - and the reference contained therein to the rapidly increasing trend figures (doubling between 2007 and 2009) of dry shampoo. The article quotes a chorus of people from different milieus and professions who have turned off the shower and are singing the same song: How healthy and natural it is to shower less (see also The fast showers displace the bathtub seaters). How soap destroys the good bacteria on our skin; how skin left alone with soap cleans itself. How environmentally friendly that is. Like a cut lemon that you briefly run through your armpit and a few washes in sensitive areas are enough to live beyond the shower gel and shampoo big business without bothering others:

"I'm still invited to dinner parties."

Hygiene standards are relaxing in the USA, according to the leitmotif of "The Great Unwashed Trend Article", which was taken on the other side of the large bathtub, not without reason, as Americans still apply: as soon as they feel less wash, then they become Europeans. This was clearly stated in the article several times:

"When you tell a person you don’t wear deodorant, you come across as,‘ Oh, how European, how natural, how funky ’"

Indeed, there is this trend in the UK too. The Guardian also confirms what an acquaintance who returned from England's countryside recently entertained the whole table.

"There is a lot of evidence that carelessness about personal hygiene is popular and even spreading in the UK."

41 percent of British men and 33 percent of women shower daily. 12 percent have only one wash day a week, and things look much dirtier with the younger ones: less than half of British teenagers wash themselves daily, a further survey is quoted, which paints the not entirely unbelievable picture of the average teen who prefers himself quickly sprays deodorant under the arms - "to mask any stink".

In terms of hygiene, the British would lag behind the French, who, according to an answer from rue89.com to the article in the New York Times, shower up to 95 percent daily, at least when they are up to 35. From the age of 75 this habit is more likely to be abandoned, only 43 percent of the French take a shower every day at this age.

That not showering every day is not synonymous with "stink" has been known for much longer than the NYT report suggests, according to the response from Paris, which also indicates that all studies in this area should be mistrusted. You would have to install cameras under the showers to find out more here ... Of course, you are very amused by the showering habits of the Belgians determined via an internet survey, who therefore think most of the time when showering about what they spend their time with .

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