Which is better Jaguar or BMW

Jaguar XE Facelift (2019) in the test: Finally an alternative for BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 & Co?

(Motorsport-Total.com/Motor1) - Jaguar's umpteenth attempt to gain a foothold in the extremely competitive middle class. This time with a facelift of his limousine XE. When the XE came onto the market in 2015, the British were so cheerful that it finally had to work with a serious attack on the German premium competition.

The completely newly developed car was largely made of aluminum, had driving dynamics and a steering feel that made the collective opposition (with the exception of the Alfa Romeo Giulia perhaps) ashamed to hide in the corner and the press was full of praise . But apparently a strong focus on sporty handling is not necessarily what particularly impresses buyers of midsize sedans. Except when BMW is on the boot lid, strangely enough.

So, looking at the sales figures, you're not doing the XE too much a favor. All in all, that's not all that surprising, because compared to a BMW 3 Series, an Audi A4 or a Mercedes C-Class, the little Jag clearly has a few important points behind it. The facelift should now help to make up for lost ground.

For most of them, optics won't have been the XE's big problem. Nevertheless, you have made up a little. With narrower LED headlights and new aprons. Order the 20-inch model (don't worry, you can do it here without hesitation, the XE has fantastic suspension for all its sportiness), and you have a real beauty standing in the driveway.

The changes in the interior are much more dramatic. For good reason. In the end, the car looked a bit dated technically. It seemed too cheap for its own demands from the start. So now much fancier materials and a whole armada of cool new tech gimmicks. The display freak can now order up to four screens in his XE.

In addition to the great 12.3-inch instrument display, you now also get the twin screens for infotainment and air conditioning from the electric Jag I-Pace as well as an extremely cool monitor in the rear-view mirror, which thanks to its wide angle gives you a much better view to the rear than you were probably used to.

Last but not least, the colleagues from Marketing and Controlling carried out a moderate clear cut for equipment lines and engines. Three of each are left. A little sobering for the enthusiasts: the combination of XE and six-cylinder is history. So now you can only order this car with four cylinders. We have the 180 hp diesel and two petrol engines with 250 and 300 hp on offer.

The latter has all-wheel drive as standard, with diesel you have the choice. The only transmission option is the well-known ZF eight-speed automatic, now with larger steering wheel paddles and a real shift stick in the center console (yes, the gear selector dial is dead).

How is he driving

The great strength of the XE was and is its driving talent. The mix of dynamics and comfort is still unmatched in this class. Even in dynamic mode, this car rolls so smoothly that even a C-Class should have serious problems keeping up. On the other hand, the XE looks more fun and finely balanced than a 3 Series.

Finally, when it comes to the steering feel, it slams the entire segment into the pan. So natural, full of information from the asphalt front - really old school. The English are among the absolute kings of electromechanical steering. The XE is really not an easy vehicle (it really does seem to be made of a strangely heavy aluminum ...), but it actually prances, is agile and lively.

The updated engine range is less promising. The 300-horsepower top-of-the-range petrol engine in the P300 in particular appears to be significantly more powerful on paper than it can ultimately call up on the road. You don't really want to take the 5.7 seconds for the sprint from 0-100 km / h away from him. He seems cumbersome and too strained. He also sounds like a diesel on the bottom and like a voice with a broken voice at a hard rock festival on the top. So save yourself a few thousand (if you're not in dire need of all-wheel drive) and grab the P250. Or straight to the somewhat robust but quite economical diesel.

After all, you have to admit to the aggregates and the car that the noise level is pleasantly low once you have reached country roads / motorway speed. So the XE is not only a very decent corner dribbler, it is also an excellent kilometer punch. The former is still more fun.

You will see that the Jag seduces more often to pick up the now better-shaped gearshift paddles. The fast eight-speed box is not entirely innocent, but it also does an excellent job if you just leave it alone.

How is he inside?

Well, unfortunately no facelift in the world can fix the greatest weakness of the XE. We're talking about its almost outrageously lousy space in the rear. No car in this segment has less legroom. The trunk packs away 439 liters, but is only moderately accessible. Sure, if you drive alone or in pairs most of the time, or if you still have very young children, that may not be so important. But if you're looking for a practical car, you've come to the wrong place.

Otherwise, gentlemen, this is better in here than before. You will notice it right away from the more dignified materials and the more elaborate workmanship. The infotainment looks fantastic, is quick and easy to use. The colored head-up display also makes a good impression.

You have to get used to the funky camera rearview mirror because the first few times you look at it it looks unusually bright and artificial, but the view is really much better. And if you are totally bothered by it, you can simply switch it off.

In terms of assistance systems, the XE is fully up to date. He also serves the inner nerd with software-over-the-air updates, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, WiFi for up to 8 devices as well as two USB and three 12-volt connections. A little annoying: the sitting position seems a tick too high.

Should i buy it?

I am probably not leaning too far out of the window when I claim that the Jaguar XE will remain a case for individualists. It's cut too tight, there is no station wagon, the engine range is rather average and the competition is just so incredibly good.

In terms of driving, however, with the exception of Alfas Giulia, no mid-range sedan can hold a candle to him. Compared to the Italian, however, it has significantly better technological equipment with worlds better infotainment.

After the facelift, it has certainly become a lot easier to find the XE good. Even more so if you have just a little bit left for driving fun. Still, it won't be easy for him. After all, Jaguar has put together some really interesting offers. The base price of the XE with 180 hp diesel and rear-wheel drive is 43,690 euros.

The inspections for the first three years are included. Leases are available from 409 euros per month. In addition, the British provide an insurance flat rate (liability, partial and fully comprehensive) for 79 euros a month, regardless of the no-claims class.

Conclusion: 7/10

+ great driving dynamics with high comfort at the same time; very nice, easy-to-use interior with a lot of technology

- lousy space; average engines

Specifications and price Jaguar XE P300 (2019)

Engine: Four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine; 1,997 cc
Drive: all wheel drive
Gear type: 8-speed automatic
Power: 221 kW (300 hp)
Max. Torque: 400 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 5.7 seconds
Top speed: 250 km / h
Empty weight: 1,690 kilos
Trunk volume: 439 liters
Standard consumption: 7.3 liters
Emission: 167 g / km CO2
Base price: 50,140 euros

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