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Country: Australia
Address: Yellow Tail Wines, Casella Family Brands, 1471 Wakley Road, Yenda 2681, NSW, Australia, Tel: +61 2 6961 3000

Yellow Tail Wines - Casella Family Brands - Australia

The founding winery of CASELLA FAMILY BRANDS with YELLOW TAIL is located in the Australian wine-growing region Riverina - New South Wales near the village of Yenda, just a few kilometers east of Griffith City, a good 6 hours' drive (550 km) north of Melbourne and almost exactly the same distance to the west from Sydney.

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Another Casella Family Brands winery is located north of the beautiful Australian city of Sydney:
460 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards NSW 2065.

With over 550 employees, Casella Family Brands is one of the largest employers in the Riverina wine-growing district. Today, the third generation of CASELLA is also working in the successful family company. The brothers MARCELLO (Director & Vineyard Operations Director), JOHN (Managing Director) and JOE CASELLA (Sales Director Australia) - see large picture from left to right - are at the helm and continue to lead Casella Family Brands, with YELLOW TAIL, successfully. The chief winemaker in the Casella wine cellar is the talented ALAN KENNETT (left picture).

The property in Yenda now covers the size of 43 soccer fields and the capacity of the bottling plant corresponds to 36,000 bottles of wine per hour, which is the fastest wine bottling plant in the world at the moment. The success was mainly possible thanks to the successful brand [YELLOW TAIL], which was launched in 2001.

Of all the wines that Australia exports around the world, 21% come from one of the two Casella Family Brands wineries. In 2013 the wine company reached the billionth (1,000,000,000) bottle of yellow tail wine.

On the history of the Australian winery Yellow Tail Wines:
In 1957 FILIPPO and MARIA CASELLA (see picture at the top right), whose family has been involved in viticulture since 1820, emigrated from Sicily to Australia. Filippo Casella bought a vineyard farm in 1965 in the small town of Yenda, near Griffith, in the large Riverina wine-growing region in southern New South Wales. After a few years selling the grapes from his farm to local wineries, he decided to apply his knowledge of winemaking himself. This is how the Australian family winery CASELLA FAMILY BRANDS was founded in 1969, which was to be the beginning of a unique success story.

In addition to Yellow Tails, the successful wine company Casella Family Brands also owns its own wine lines CASELLA 1919 & Limited Release and the well-known PETER LEHMANN winery (since December 2014) in the Barossa Valley, as well as BRAND's LAIRA in Coonawarra, YOUNG BRUTE in Wrattonbully and first recently (January 2016) HOWCRAFT VINEYARDS at Limecoast in South Australia.

The grapes for the Yellow Tail wines come from our own vineyards directly at the winery in the Riverina wine-growing region - New South Wales, but also from other wine regions in Australia, so-called "SOUTH EASTERN".
"South East Australia" is an official superzone (several states), which includes all major wine-growing regions in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The South-East region is known for beautiful and inexpensive cuvées of grapes from several regions of Australia.

Yellow Tail Wines - Casella Wines - Australia:
The Casella family arrived in Australia from Sicily in 1957, bringing with them not only generations of family wine making, but the know-how to produce wines that are more than simply a drink with dinner. Yep, they had a vision for Australian wine drinkers. Sure, there was plenty of elbow work along the way, but with their experience and wine knowledge put to use, the Casellas set about developing their fledgling wine company.

In the beginning ...
It all started with the Casellas recognizing the great potential of the Riverina region in New South Wales - the area speaks with brightly flavored fruit and offers wines of great drinkability. So, in 1965, they bought land near the township of Yenda outside of Griffith in New South Wales, and here they began their grape growing. Grape growing became wine making, and wine making needed a winery, so we go a few more years down the track and in 1969 their winery was born. After years of toil and great success the Casellas took another step in 2001 with the creation of [yellow tail], a new and fun wine brand that spoke to modern drinkers and wine lovers the world over. And the fireworks began

Still, the Casellas have never lost sight of their humble beginnings, even as [yellow tail] continues to take the world by storm. The wines are found in more than 50 countries around the world. Meanwhile, [yellow tail] is Australias number one wine exporter, and has become the top selling wine in Canada and the USA. And still, the Casellas stay true to their family business. Today, the day-to-day operations of the winery are run by the three Casella sons - John, Managing Director and Winemaker; Joe, Australian Sales Director; and Marcello, Director and Vineyard Operations Director.

We have mainly white and red wines from the Yellow Tail Wines - Casella Wines - South-East - Australia winery.

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