What is the oldest news network

The news network continues to grow

Parade example New Year's address: The video on the annual motto, with which Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider addresses the church members, has already become a tradition. And it is the undisputed number one in the latest list of the most frequently used articles on the news portal nac.today.

Towards the users

While the first video there collected almost 22,000 page views in 2015, usage doubled to more than 44,000 page views in 2016. However: The New Year's Address 2017 dropped to a good 22,000 views. What happened there?

No, the Chief Apostle video has no problem with acceptance - on the contrary. The editorial team only took into account the behavior of users who are reluctant to leave their social networks. Since spring 2016, videos have also been uploaded directly to Facebook and Instagram. The result: the reach of the 2017 address skyrocketed to a total of more than 150,000 page impressions.

Three websites and one app

News from the New Apostolic life of faith reached users all over the world at least 50 million times in the past year. The pivotal points are nak.org and nac.today, the official announcement organ and the news magazine of the New Apostolic Church International (NACI). Whatever news appears here can be found immediately in nacnews and nacworld.net.

One is the app that around 21,000 users have installed on their Android and iOS devices. And the other is the church's social network, which has now exceeded 40,000 members. While at nacnews a number of district churches supplement the offer with their news, at nacworld.net it is the users themselves who have written a total of 150,000 articles and comments.

A dozen channels

The NACI communication services have expanded their presence in social networks. One of the oldest offers is its own YouTube channel. The latest branches are the Twitter account and the two Instagram profiles in German and English.

With two additional languages, a total of seven contact points are now available on Facebook: New Apostolic Church, New Apostolic Church, Iglesia Nueva Apostólica and Église néo-apostolique as well as Jean-Luc Schneider, nacworld.net and nac.today. These pages alone have more than 60,000 subscribers.

The rest of the iceberg

In fact, it can be assumed that the news spread far more than 50 million times in 2016. After all, the content in the social networks is not only shared and liked, but also linked or completely re-set. In addition, official websites of district churches, districts and parishes make extensive use of texts, images and videos. And for the offline there is of course the member magazine community, which distributes a good part of the news on paper and whose core content appears in around 40 languages.

And how do the readers and viewers like it? The parade example of New Year's speech is again in demand: If the video from 2015 still counts 6,000 likes and the contribution rises to 7,600 likes in 2016, the 2017 edition can combine more than 15,000 likes.

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Andreas Rother