How does physical therapy help mental health

International Day of Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy and Mental Health

04.09.2018 – 08:00


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On the International Physiotherapy Day on September 8, the Swiss Physiotherapy Association physioswiss, together with the Swiss Working Group for Physiotherapy in Psychosomatics and Psychiatry, emphasizes the importance of physical training and physiotherapy in the field of psychiatry.

Regular exercise can reduce the risk of future depression. In addition, exercise and other body-centered therapies can enhance the effects of psychiatric treatments. Physiotherapy helps reduce mental symptoms and improve physical health.

Unfortunately, the importance of physiotherapy and physical training for psychiatry is often underestimated. The international day of physiotherapy offers the unique opportunity to draw attention to the potential of physiotherapy in psychiatry.

Physiotherapy for the psyche too

Exercising can reduce the risk of depression. On the international day of physiotherapy on September 8th, the Swiss Physiotherapy Association physioswiss emphasizes the connection between physical activity and mental health.

Individuals who are physically active for at least 150 minutes a week at a moderate intensity reduce the risk of future depression by up to 30%. The connection between physical activity and depression was shown in a study in which data from almost 270,000 people were analyzed.

Physical and mental illnesses are treated in physiotherapy. Physiotherapists support training and help to find strategies for a healthy and active everyday life.


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