What rights does a houseguest have?


(dmb) Tenants can receive as often and as many visitors as they want in their apartment. It does not matter whether it is a man or woman visit, how long the visit stays, whether it comes regularly or irregularly, none of this is the landlord's business according to information from the German Tenants' Association. Clauses in the rental agreement that prohibit visitors from visiting or restrict this right to visit are generally ineffective. The landlord may not prevent the tenant from visiting by making use of his "supposed" domiciliary rights and forbidding the visitor to enter the house.
Regardless of whether there is a dog-keeping ban in the tenement house or not, the tenant may also receive visitors who bring a dog.

Only in exceptional cases can the landlord impose a "house ban" on a visitor. For example, if the visitor has repeatedly committed disturbances in the past or has damaged common areas such as the stairwell, hallway, cellar, etc.

Of course, visitors are also allowed to spend the night in the tenant apartment. You can stay in the tenant's apartment for a longer period of time. The tenant can also give his visitor house and apartment keys, and the visitor is allowed to stay in the rented apartment even when the tenant is absent.

However, if the visitor lives in the tenant apartment for more than 6 weeks at a time, the landlord has the right to ask whether the “visitor” has actually already become a roommate or a subtenant. In these cases, the landlord would have to be informed and asked for permission, the "visitor" may have to be included in the operating cost allocation.