Are preliminary grades important in the final exams

In the subject German Dictionaries on German spelling must be available to the examinees in the examination room.

In the subject mathematics are in both parts of the examCompasses, set square, a book of formulas available in bookshops (introduced in class and used regularly) or the online formulary and a scientific calculator (introduced in class and used regularly) are permitted as aids. The scientific pocket calculator (with or without graphics capability) is not subject to any limitation of the range of functions. Before the exam, the specialist teacher must reset the memory of all pocket calculators or make sure that the memory has been deleted.

Formula collections are generally permitted across the board (see Experience shows that the formula collection is only helpful for students if it is used regularly in class. That is why many schools work with a uniform collection of formulas. The decision on the selection is made by the school conference based on the recommendation of the specialist and teachers' conference [s. School Act § 30 (3), § 68 (3), § 70 (4)].

In the subject English are no dictionaries authorized. Dictionaries for mother tongues other than German are not permitted.

All aids permitted for use during the examination (formulas, reference works on German spelling) must not contain any additions, handwritten notes or the like. contain. The responsible specialist teacher must convince himself of this before the examination. If aids that are not provided in the tasks turn out to be indispensable for understanding a task, they will only be given and recorded by the specialist teacher.