Should light switch covers be painted

Paint the socket and light switch white?


I recently accidentally tore the (badly placed) sockets out of the wall and decided to replace one of the panels (2-way, socket and light switch). Take out the old stuff, screw the new sockets into the wall, put covers on and turn the power back on.

The socket also works fine. As a Berliner, like my fellow citizens at BER, I completely messed up the light switch. The light is on permanently and the light switch does nothing when you press it.

The old light switch had 6 entrances, 2 with the lettering L, 4 without. My new light switch is a toggle switch (L, A1, A2). So I plugged in the 2 cables that come from the wall into the socket, that's all there is to it, in my new light switch at L, as it was with the old one.

With the other sockets and the old light switch, one cable "left" and one "right" always had to go in - logically. With my new light switch, however, the inputs on the L were right next to each other (under a terminal). I thought it was funny, but all other entrances were clearly labeled A1 or A2. And I don't have more than 2 cables ...

If someone could tell me what I connected wrongly or whether the switch is simply nothing would be great; D

Thank you, LG