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Welcome to Kinderspiele.de here you can play games for free and in the large collection there is something for every family member. We regularly update the website with new games and also add simple and easy-to-understand descriptions and applications. So you can try out new children's games every day in a modern game environment. You can navigate our website by clicking on the pictures. So you don't need to be able to read yet and you can still find your favorite children's game. To make it easier for you to find your favorite children's game, we have divided it into categories. We recently went a step further and divided the many categories into additional sub-categories, so that searches can be even more specific. We have also added the “Top Categories” menu item at the top of our website. Below that are the most popular categories. This way you can navigate to another topic quickly and easily. Children can switch between categories with just a few clicks.

More information about the children's games

For horse lovers we have the horse games category. The online horse games give you the opportunity to come into virtual contact with horses. You can already learn a lot about horses through the horse games. For example, there are children's games where you can look after horses. Here you will learn how to care for horses and what a horse needs. You can also take part in tournaments, show jumping competitions and games of skill with your horse. Children and especially girls are very enthusiastic about the horse and pony category.

Lots of guys have come to the right place in the car games category. The car racing games are the most popular. This is a great place to race around with your racing car and hang out your competition. The races take place in front of very different backgrounds and represent real adventures. There is also the variant in which you receive points for each race you win with which you can tune your racing car or your racing car. This way you will be ahead again in the next race and this is particularly advantageous in car races with multiplayer. We also show children's car games where children can paint and color their car. The coloring pages are very varied and the paint box is well filled.

In the Girls Games category you will find typical children's games for girls. This group of games is divided into many different subcategories. Here you can find dress-up games, make-up games, decoration games, baby hazel, board games and operating games. The latter is about serving the right dishes to the guests and not keeping them waiting long. With the princess games you can immerse yourself in a fairy tale. Dress up the princess like a dream and make sure that the couple in love find each other. Or help your favorite fairy tale hero escape from the haunted castle, for example. In no time you are in the middle of an exciting adventure. But it is also very calm. Children can color in numerous coloring pages with pictures of their fairy tale characters and try out games of skill. This also includes board games and sudoku. This makes the puzzle fun complete.

The motorcycle games are completely different. The motorcycle children's games again offer a lot of different game variants. For example, you can choose from motorcycle racing games, in which the aim is to complete a certain number of laps as quickly as possible without causing an accident. There are also motorcycle games that use dexterity to overcome obstacles. Often time plays a prominent role. So always keep an eye on the time limit. In these obstacle games you often get extra points for certain jumps, stunts and tricks.

Farm lovers get their money's worth with the farm and tractor games. The tractor children's games are often about controlling the tractor well and transporting the harvest from the fields over the hills to the farm. At the farm games you are often the farmer and therefore responsible for the entire farm. You ensure that the cows are fed and milked on time every day. The eggs of the hard-working chickens are collected. And the fields are tilled. That means sowing grain, tending the fields and bringing in the harvest. Quite a challenge!

Those who like to cook will find what they are looking for in our cooking games. In the children's cookery games you can bake or cook all kinds of delicacies such as cookies, cupcakes, hamburgers, salads or pizza. Most of the time it's about conjuring up a dish. In addition, there is also the possibility of helping out in a restaurant or kiosk. Typical tasks are then taking the order, serving the dish, clearing up and collecting the money. Make an effort not to confuse the visitors and the tables and do not let your guests wait too long or they will become impatient. So no easy task! But it's a lot of fun!

The parking games are mostly about driving cars, trucks or even planes into the parking spaces without bumping into them. It is a real challenge to maneuver a long truck or freight wagon exactly into the marked parking space. The children quickly learn to press the right keys with a great deal of dexterity. When parking an aircraft, you have to make sure that the aircraft are at the correct gates after landing. This is the only way for passengers to get off and their luggage to be unloaded on the assembly line.

If you discover a game on another website that cannot yet be found on kinderspiele.de, you are welcome to let us know using the contact form. We will then check whether this game can be placed on our website and to what extent it is suitable for our website. Of course, we are also happy to receive other suggestions. Our large game collection has many challenges, adventures and educational games ready for both girls and youngsters. Some examples of these are the dress up games, make up games, baby hazel, coloring pages for coloring, car games and cooking games. The great children's games are suitable for all age groups and can be used from 4 or 5 years of age.

The children's game called Thomas, the little locomotive, is very entertaining. In this children's game you can build the small locomotive yourself in the workshop. Part by part is assembled and so you make sure that Thomas takes shape. Do you enjoy playing online? The diverse collection of games is particularly appealing for children aged 3, 4, 5 and 6 years. The categories are regularly expanded and, for example, the existing categories called Bubble, bubble shooter and browser games are equipped with new variants. In the course of this, new releases like Elsa from the Frozen - completely unabashedly - find their place. Do you like it Then the toddler games are just right for you! The children's games are carefully selected so that your child can play safely here.

The collections are especially suitable for children and toddlers in the age groups of kindergarten, preschool and elementary school. Regardless of whether you are attending preschool or 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade or 4th grade, you will find exciting adventures here and lots to learn! Children's games for children up to 4 years can be found in the category toddler games. Of course, older children are not neglected either. The listening levels are a particular challenge for them.

Also, we have many categories with sports games. Tennis, soccer, basketball, golf, table tennis - you are spoiled for choice. The head basketball games are played often. They are really great too! You control a figure with a giant head and a giant hand. You play in a big 1-on-1 tournament in which you naturally want to win all competitions. If you hit the basket from the far 3-point line, you will get 3 points. If you hit a line that is closer, you receive 2 points. Another example of a great game that is widely played is the sports game of animal soccer. A super cute game where dogs and cats compete against each other. You can decide whether you want to control the dog or the cat and then you can choose your team members. Then try to score as many goals as possible. You have 2 minutes. Of course there are many other great children's games. Have fun playing!