Ceramic mugs keep the coffee hot

Thermo cups for hot drinks: test and tips

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Coffee mugs should keep the coffee warm and leak-proof.

Reusable coffee and tea cups are an environmentally friendly alternative to paper cups. The cups made of materials such as stainless steel, glass, plastic and ceramic should be robust and tight so that no liquid leaks out. Thermal mugs should also keep the coffee or tea warm for as long as possible. What should consumers look for when buying?

Material: glass, plastic, stainless steel or ceramic?

The planned area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is decisive for choosing the right thermal mug: Should the mug only keep the coffee or tea warm for a short time, for example on the way to work or to university? Or should it be carried in a backpack for hours on hikes, for example? The material used determines the quality of the insulation:

  • Glass mugs and cups only keep the drink warm for a short time, plastic mugs only a little longer.
  • Cups with vacuum stainless steel insulation can keep the drink at a comfortable drinking temperature for up to four hours.
  • Mugs with a ceramic coating over the stainless steel insulation usually keep warm the longest.
Stiftung Warentest advises against bamboo cups, as they are usually made with melamine as a binding agent. The high temperatures of the hot beverage can release harmful substances.

Lid: Differences in the closure

How tight a thermo mug is and what mouthfeel is created when drinking depends on the lid and drinking cap used:

  • Sliding locks must be opened and then closed before use. That sounds easy, but operating errors can be observed again and again in everyday life.
  • So-called trigger drinking closures only open when a finger presses a button on the lid. When the button is released, the lock is automatically closed
  • So-called push-and-drink caps are pressed open before use. If you forget to squeeze it after drinking, the cup is leaking.
  • With silicone lids with a push lock, you should check before each use whether they are really tight.

Thermal mug in comparison

In a random sample, Markt tried out five thermo mugs for hot beverages:

  • Emsa Travel Mug
  • Contigo West Loop
  • SinFin Cup
  • Stanley Ceramivac
  • Thermo mug Ernesto from Lidl

The cups by Emsa, Contigo and Stanley have insulated well. Lidl temporarily withdrew the Ernesto thermo mug from sale after the test because of poor insulating properties. The SinFin Cup is made of glass and is therefore only intended for short use. The lid of the Stanley Ceramivac and the SinFin Cup was a little leaky. Manufacturer SinFin has announced that it will revise the cover.

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