What is your workout routine like?

Create a training plan in 6 steps

Long hours in the gym or exercising at home are pointlesswasted, because without a proper training plan you can just start training. Beginners in particular make this mistake very often.

A structured training plan tailored to the individual training goal is THE keySuccess Criterion.

No matter ifTraining plan for women or forMen, to lose weight or to build muscles, to be created as a full body, 2 or 3 split. Whether you're training at home or at the gym, the basic principles behind creating oneFitness plans they are the same.

How do you create a training plan?

But how should a recreational athlete without a training science background know which key components characterize a good training plan andwhat peculiarities what to consider when creating?

We have the solution.From now on, create your own training plan, step by step yourself. We give you the necessary know-how and show you how you can create your own training plan and which details you should pay attention to.

So the best thing to do is grab a pen and a piece of paper andcreate your training plan with the help of this article simply yourself.

What is the goal?

The starting point for creating a training plan is your goal.Realize what you want. Possible goals are, for example, muscle building, body fat reduction or weight loss or an improvement in endurance.

This is probably the easiest part of creating. So you should be clear about whether, for exampleMuscle building or body fat reduction to be striven for. Why?

An exercise plan for losing weight differs in content and structureheavily on a muscle building training planLikewise, a training plan for beginners looks different than a training plan for advanced athletes.

While increasing the focus on high-intensity interval training when losing weight, the is essential for building muscleFocus on complex basic exercises and a progressive increase in strength (permanent increase in weights).

The diet should also be adapted to the goals set in the training plan. If you want to build muscle, you have to eat differently than someone whose goal is to reduce body fat.

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What is the current level of performance?

Training plan for beginners or for advanced users? The second step in creating a training plan is thisDetermination of the current level of performance.

Of course, it makes a big difference whether you are an absolute beginner (up to 6 months of training experience) or an advanced athlete (from 1.5 - 2 years of training experience).

An example to illustrate this:

While training beginners should complete complex basic exercises and have to learn the training techniques properly, advanced learners can also doIntensity techniques and isolation exercises train individual muscle groups.

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Where should you train?

Not everyone feels like signing up for a goal in a gym. This is not necessary either.

It can do bothat home or outdoors,as well as in the gym or in a club be trained.

The planned training location should always be noted when creating the training plan, as it determines the exercise selectionstrongly influenced.

Many exercises can be done in the fresh air or at home with little effort.

This includes in particular functional bodyweight exercises, in which onlywith your own body weight is trained.

If you want to train independently in the long term, you can purchase small equipment such asKettlebells or dumbbells think.

How often a week is it possible to exercise?

How many times a week do you have the time and inclination to train? Your training plan is also based on this. If you have more time, is aSplit training (Division of individual muscle groups) makes sense.

With less time, one canFull body workout plan more sense. Plan realistically without giving your weaker self too much room for maneuver.

If you can only train 1-2 days a week, the focus should be more on full-body training.

Since there is less time available, this ensures that all muscle groups are trained and strengthened.

For exampleBasic exercisesideal, but exercises with your own body weight are also ideal.

Our tip:

With more than 3 - 4 training units per week regeneration plays a central role in success or failure.

This must be taken into account when creating a training plan. In the resting phasesthe muscles recover and repair processes are running.

That is why it is important to have abalanced and healthy diet to pay attention to the one that supports your training goal.

Improve your regeneration with the amino acid L-glutamine. This ensures that your recovery phases are used effectively and that you can start the next training session with fully charged batteries.

How much time is available per unit?

The time available for each individual training session has a significant influence on how you can create your training plan.

Who only takes 20-30 minutes for onefast traininghas should be on aintensive interval training or set effective strength circles without long breaks.

HIT or HIIT training are particularly suitable here.

If more time is available, you can think about it, in addition to power elementsEndurance partto be included in the training plan.

Here, the focus can also be better placed on the three training phasesWarming up, stress and cool downlay.

Which exercises are done?

The correct choice of exercises for creating a training plan depends heavily on all of the variables mentioned so far.

Training level, available training timeandTraining locationlargely determine the choice of exercises. The available training equipment can also limit the exercise selection.

The best exercises for building muscle in the gym would be squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and shoulder presses, for example.

If losing some weight is your primary goal, a combination of bothCardio and strength training optimal.

If you prefer to train at home and want to lose weight, you can do exercises such as Pushups, planks, or lunges carry out.

To increase the intensity here, it makes senseDumbbellsto buy, to train on unstable ground for a change and to vary the exercises regularly.

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Tips for successful training

Keep a training diary

We recommend that you record the training plan you have created in a training diary.

So you have the advantage of being able to consistently control yourself and yourProgressto make visible.

Even if you stagnate, you will recognize this early on and can take appropriate actionAdjustmentsof your training plan.

Change training plan

To bring variety to the training andnew stimulus points For the muscles, we recommend changing the fitness plan every 3-6 months.

The change does not always have to be large. Parameters likeIntensity and duration can be easily modified to present the muscles with new challenges. The 7 training principles show you which options you have.

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  • Well-thought-out training planning is the be-all and end-all
  • Creating a training plan yourself is very easy if you coordinate the parameters such as your goal, your starting position, the time, the place, your equipment and the exercises
  • A good training plan must be documented in the form of a diary
  • This way you can measure your progress and renew your training plan every 3 to 6 months
  • Whether your goal is to gain muscle or to lose weight, the right diet, along with a good exercise plan, is the key to success
  • Always make sure you get enough protein to help build muscle or help you lose weight
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