Apple runs out of innovation

Apple has run out of innovations

"Apple has run out of innovations"

Comment update: Has Apple lost touch? Dezeen readers are unconvinced by the tech giant's latest product announcements and believe the company is lost. This special edition of our regular comment update covers the reactions to the controversial new wireless headphones (pictured), the updated Apple Watch, and the iPhone 7.

Headmoan: Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a presentation in San Francisco announced a number of updates, and the company's new AirPod headphones are already controversial among commentators.

They connect to Apple devices using the company's first wireless chip, but readers describe their design - barely different from the ubiquitous EarPods aside from the elimination of cables - as lazy and impractical.

"Only Apple can bring out a product that has been around for years and pretend they've reinvented the wheel," wrote Pablo Pedro.

"I want really expensive headphones that fall out of my ear every two seconds," Sarah Thomas said sarcastically. "The least they can do is use silicone or memory foam earplugs," agreed Errik Wong.

"My favorite part about this is that the 'bluetooth' is only from Apple, so you're forced to buy those headphones that are begging to be lost," wrote Aaron Rogers. "It's interesting how masochistic Apple consumers seem to be."

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Lucky number 7? Apple's big reveal yesterday was the much-anticipated iPhone 7, but some readers weren't excited about the latest update.

"Apple has run out of innovation," wrote the regular commentator Archi-Nerd. "Now to something completely the same!" said Bobby D.

"Removing the headphone jack is the finest innovation," countered Joel K.

Others wondered if Apple had fixed the age-old problem with fragile screens. "Really curious if the phone will be harder than its predecessor!" wrote James Brillon. "Phones are inherently wipeable, and it would be exciting to see a big player like Apple address this."

"I love how slippery these are," said a user named Fug. "Have people ever watched them call their friend? It's like handling a delicate ancient artifact." Read the comments on this story »

Danger: The second Apple Watch was specially developed for swimmers and can withstand water depths of up to 50 meters. But were the new features enough to attract critics of the fissile product?