What do Brexiters think of Guy Verhofstadt

Verhofstadt: "We will only approve the Brexit deal after the UK approves" 

The Brexit coordinator of the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt (Renew Europe, Belgium) made this statement during a Facebook live question and answer session on October 22nd in Strasbourg. The EU and the UK government have negotiated an agreement in the past few weeks. This must be approved by the European Parliament in order to come into force.

Verhofstadt stressed that the deal agreed with Boris Johnson's government was in line with EU principles and values: "It protects the internal market and avoids a border on the Irish island, as controls are outside the island and most EU regulations in Northern Ireland. This is very important as we do not want a solution for Ireland that creates a border. If a border were created on the island, there would be a return to the violence we have seen in the past. "

However, before it can be voted in Parliament, the agreement must be approved by the UK. Verhofstadt said: "We need the approval of the British Parliament. After that the agreement will go back to the European Parliament. Parliament will then examine the agreement and give its approval."

With millions of EU citizens living in the UK, it is vital that their rights are guaranteed, Verhofstadt said. He added that a number of problems still persisted. For example, the UK did not provide enough support to help EU citizens complete the necessary paperwork. "A lot of people don't ask because they don't know about these practices and they could be expelled."