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Spring Batch training

Also as online training in the virtual classroom
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Live online training of the highest quality

Thanks to the GFU online training courses, continuing education is easier than ever - and with the usual GFU quality! Expand your knowledge in a quick and uncomplicated way without leaving your home.

  • You save time and money
  • Online access to the learning environment
  • No installations on your own PC necessary
  • IT support for the entire duration of the seminar
  • Textbook for the seminar
  • Monitor, webcam, notebook, ... optionally rent NEW
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In-house / company training

  • 2 days - customizable
  • Appointment as desired
  • Price according to offer
  • In your company or at GFU

Individual training

  • 2 days - customizable
  • Appointment as desired
  • Price according to offer
  • In your company or at GFU


Batch processes are suitable for bulk data processing tasks that do not require user intervention during the process. Typical tasks are payroll and company accounting, statistics, data backups or integration tasks. High demands are placed on batch processes in terms of robustness, scalability, performance and maintainability. The Jump Foundation delivers a new one with Spring Batch Frameworkthat supports the development of batch processes for the Java-Platform significantly simplified.

Training goal

After the seminar you will be able to develop batch processes with the Spring Batch Framework. In addition to dealing with the programming model and the development and configuration of the core components, you will learn how robust applications are developed taking into account error and transaction management. In addition, you can monitor and maintain batch processes, scale them and integrate them into third-party systems.

Who should attend

Java developers with solid, hands-on experience in Java using the Spring Framework.

Your training

Learning method:
A balanced mix of theory and practice
Seminar documents or specialist book for the seminar included, which can be individually selected after consultation with the trainer
PC / VMs for each participant
High-quality and high-performance hardware
Large, height-adjustable screens
Access to your company network is allowed
Learning environment:
New systems set up for each course in coordination with the seminar leader.
Working materials:
A4 notepad, notepad, ballpoint pen, USB stick, highlighter, post-its
Certificate of attendance:
Will be handed out at the end of the seminar, including a table of contents


The Hygiene concept was with professional help implemented and coordinated with the responsible authority. We would be happy to provide this to you. In addition, for your safety, we have equipped the training center with a total of 17 Trotec TAC V + high-performance air cleaners. Thanks to the newly developed filter technology (H14 certified according to DIN EN1822), the room air is circulated several times an hour and 99.995% of the infectious aerosols are separated and killed in the HEPA virus filter. In addition, all rooms are equipped with CO2 traffic lights. Lunch will take place in the TÜV casino. The TÜV also has an exemplary hygiene concept.

Number of participants:
min. 1, max. 8 people
Training times:
2 days - customizable, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Training location:

GFU training center
At the gray stone 27
51105 Cologne-Deutz or online in the Virtual Classroom
or at your premises throughout Europe as in-house training
Bright and modern rooms with perfect infrastructure
Breakfast, snacks and drinks all day long, lunch in our own restaurant, 6 menus daily, including vegetarian options
The GFU training center (Am Grauen Stein 27) is barrier-free


  • Introduction to batch processing
    • Definitions
    • motivation
    • use cases
    • Problems
    • Products
  • Spring batch
    • Versions, libraries and installation
    • architecture
    • Programming model
  • Spring Batch Core
    • Configuration (job, steps ...)
    • Execution (job)
  • Spring batch processing  
    • Read data ... (File, JMS ...)
    • Process data ... (transformation, filter ...)
    • Write data ... (File, JMS ...)
    • Error handling
    • Transaction management
  • Spring Batch Advanced Topics
    • Enterprise integration
    • Scaling and parallel processing
    • Monitoring

The training consists of approx. 40% practical part in the form of exercises and is based on the current Spring Batch version. As a development tool Eclipse (STS) or IntelliJ IDEA can be used.

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FAQ for in-house training

What does open training and in-house training mean?

In the case of an open training course, the location and date are set in advance. Anyone interested can book an open training course, so participants from different companies meet.

In-house training courses can be tailored to your individual training needs. You determine the group of participants, the date and the training location.

Is in-house training the right choice?

With in-house training, we cater to the individual needs of your company and cover the training needs directly at your company.

This saves time and money and ensures that your employees' knowledge is transferred quickly.

Who takes care of the technology for in-house training?

A complete learning environment in the cloud with remote access is a matter of course for us. You need to worry about anything. Only a functioning PC or notebook with Internet connection should be available for each participant on the day of the training.

Advantages of in-house training

  • Competent seminar advice
  • Lecturers from practice
  • Individual learning material tailored to your needs
  • You can arrange the appointment flexibly, as it suits you best
  • Our in-house training courses can be carried out across Europe
  • The focus is on your training needs, so you save your budget
  • Gaps in your employees' knowledge are quickly closed