What is a Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper

Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP)

PRSP is the abbreviation for "Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper". The concept of PRSPs was developed by the World Bank (call up a lexicon entry for the term) * and IMF (call up a lexicon entry for the term) * as a comprehensive approach to poverty reduction (call up a lexicon entry for the term) * and introduced it in 1999. The aim of the concept is to direct the policy of the two institutions towards the poorest countries entirely towards the goal of poverty reduction. The idea of ​​the PRSPs is based on the fact that the poorer countries themselves develop strategies for the development of their economy and their social system and take responsibility for their implementation. The donor countries (access the lexicon entry for the term) * support these strategies.

PRSPs should be created in a participatory (call up a lexicon entry for the term) * process, which means that civil society (call up a lexicon entry for the term) * should also participate in their development: unions, employers' associations, churches, non-governmental organizations (lexicon entry call for the term) *, cooperatives and grassroots groups. The PRSPs cover economic, financial and social aspects. They should be continuously developed.

The submission of a strategy paper on poverty reduction is a prerequisite for participating in some IMF loan programs and also for debt relief within the framework of the HIPC initiative (call up the encyclopedia entry for the term) *.