How can digital marketing improve your ROI

How Pharma Improves Digital Marketing ROI

Since the FDA released its guidance on how to do this, most marketers have been focusing on the important digital marketing ROI metric. Consumers now primarily use digital channels to interact with brands. It is all the more important to make these interactions measurable.

What is the digital marketing ROI?

With the digital marketing ROI, the profit or loss that is achieved with digital marketing campaigns is made measurable. The value of the ROI is based on the amount of money invested in the respective campaign. If the digital marketing ROI is positive, this means that the campaigns are bringing in more money than was originally invested in them.

It is worthwhile to measure the ROI, as it can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing measures. It can also be used for improvements. The digital marketing ROI shows in which areas results are below expectations. These areas can then be analyzed and optimized.

How do you measure ROI?

In order to determine the digital ROI, you have to do a little more than just look at how much money each campaign is bringing in and how much it has incurred. After all, not all campaigns have an end goal. Some campaigns are designed to get attention. Others aim to get customers into the marketing funnel.

How you measure your digital marketing ROI depends primarily on your individual goals. With Google Analytics, marketers receive a lot of data that they can interpret in all directions.

How can the Pharma Marketing ROI be increased?

The best pharma digital marketing strategies consist of a combination of bottom-up and top-down principles. But this is not a universal solution either. Every company has its own business structure, platforms and strategies that already exist. For an effective system, existing structures must be used and at the same time adapted to the desired results.

The fundamental question is how to measure something in a meaningful and at the same time appropriate way in such a way that results and data are obtained that contribute to continuous improvement.

Analytical approach to understand your customers:

  1. Identify your goals and what you want to measure (KPIs).
  2. Define your goals by turning qualitative data into quantitative values. Think ECOG.
  3. Review and track your campaign, observe and analyze data.
  4. Make adjustments and optimize your pharmaceutical digital marketing channel spending based on your customer behavior.

If you follow these steps, it will be easy to distinguish which strategies work, which strategies need support to be successful, and which strategies should no longer be used to avoid losses. Adjusting the costs to the first two strategies will lead to an increased ROI for all campaigns.

How does the whole thing look in practice?

For example, a customer couldn't figure out why their product had no subscribers even though their site was getting 35,000 clicks per month from paid ads.

  1. Identify - here an increased implementation is to be achieved (subscribers of the product), therefore the number of subscribers will be the one that is in focus.
  2. Define - think of this process as a timeline and we work backwards: what has to happen before we can get a person to become a subscriber? The target group (person) has to click on something (call-to-action), which will lead them to a page. If she likes what she sees, she will subscribe (implementation). In simple terms there are 3 points of reference:
    • Delivery method
    • Call to Action
    • Landing page / implementation
  1. Check and Track - There are three benchmarks, each of which has different variables that are checked. In addition, all of this needs to be tracked.
  2. Adjust - After the review and follow-up phase, we focus on the methods that lead to the most implementations.

How can you improve the Pharma Digital Marketing ROI?

In this example, Google AdWords Search is used to get the target group to the website. Different approaches are required for a different starting situation such as Facebook or Twitter. When the people in the target group land on the website, the second transmission method comes into play: the video.

Since this is a different delivery method, a different but similar strategy must be used. How can I review and track the video? When our client's video was embedded, we decided to use a tracking tag via the Google Track Manager. This allows variables such as play, pause, viewed to the end, 25%, 50%, 75%, etc. to be analyzed. So you can 1. see how much of the video was viewed and 2. whether it led to conversions.

At first glance, this looks like a lot of work. However, with this approach it is possible to continuously improve the Pharma Digital Marketing ROI by using time and resources for the most effective methods. In this way, the desired goals can be achieved without spreading marketing efforts over a number of delivery methods that are unsuccessful.