What are the best prepaid network tariffs

Cell phone tariffs in the D1 network: Inexpensive alternatives to expensive telecommunications tariffs

Congstar, Edeka Smart, Klarmobil, Norma - cheap surfing in the Telekom network (D1)

Cell phone tariffs in the D1 network are in high demand, but are relatively expensive from Telekom directly. Here come cheap alternatives in the D1 network.
The telecom network is considered to be the best, while telecom tariffs have an expensive reputation. But there are cheap alternatives in the D1 network. Where? Here!
The Telekom cell phone network - known as the D1 network - not only has a good reputation, it also underlined it in the latest COMPUTER BILD network test and put the competition in its place. For the sake of fairness, it should be mentioned that the Vodafone (D2) cellular network is similarly good and O2 (although somewhat lagging behind; E-Netz) now provides a solid network. The following is about the cell phone tariffs in the D1 network. The focus is not on the relatively expensive telecommunications tariffs, but on the mostly cheaper alternatives offered by providers who also use the D1 network to provide their mobile phone tariffs.

D1 tariffs: you need to know that

  • D1 network is not the same as D1 network: The maximum LTE speed (300 Mbit / s) is currently only available from Telekom and Edeka Smart, all other providers often cap the download speed to 50 Mbit / s or less. The new 5G standard is exclusive to Telekom.
  • Inexpensive entry: Depending on the individual needs of a mobile phone tariff in the D1 network, the price starts at around 5 euros. With Congstar, however, there is also the option of choosing a tariff without a basic fee and, accordingly, without inclusive services.
  • Surprise: Even Telekom's own mobile phone tariffs (especially prepaid) can convince one or the other price-conscious user - for around 10 euros you can get it.

Congstar: mobile phone tariffs in the D1 network

As a Telekom subsidiary, Congstar is primarily intended to appeal to a young and price-oriented target group. Congstar vies for new customers with regular, sometimes very rewarding campaigns. Congstar uses the D1 network, but with the handbrake on at the download speed: Of the theoretical 300 Mbit / s (LTE Max) in the Telekom network, Congstar customers usually have 25 Mbit / s or twice the speed via Chargeable LTE 50 option. The latter is available with the Allnet tariffs, the lower speed is available with the prepaid tariffs from Congstar. Two cell phone plans stand out for their features and prices. Also interesting: Congstar X with two SIM cards and 200 gigabytes of data volume.
Congstar prepaid as I want
From 0 euros basic fee, individual billing up to flat rate (Min./SMS), 0 to 5 GB
22 euros basic fee, telephone and SMS flat rate, 10 GB

Edeka Smart: mobile phone tariffs in the D1 network

As the only provider of mobile phone tariffs in the D1 network, Edeka Smart supports the maximum LTE speed of 300 Mbit / s. There is a choice of three tariffs with data volume, of which the Edeka Smart kombi M is probably the most interesting. It includes 2 gigabytes of LTE volume and 200 free minutes, 9 cents are due per SMS. Calls and SMS to the Telekom network are free, as are the use of the Telekom hotspots - this also applies to the other Edeka Smart tariffs, all of which have no minimum term.
9.95 euros basic fee, 200 free minutes, Telekom flat rate, 2 GB

fraenk: Cell phone tariff in the D1 network

On the market since April 2020 and a real insider tip with growing popularity: fraenk is a special mobile phone tariff in the D1 network. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the tariff (yes, singular) does not offer any gradations with more or less services at different prices. There is only one fraenk who can only be booked using the app of the same name for Android and iOS. When it comes to payment, the makers also go their own way and only support PayPal. The monthly costs are 10 euros. For this you get 4 gigabytes of data volume as well as a flat rate for telephony and SMS. Voice over LTE support ensures high voice quality when making calls.
10 euros basic fee, telephone and SMS flat rate, 4 GB

Penny Mobil, Kaufland mobil: tariffs in the D1 network

Both Penny Mobil and Ja! Mobil offer mobile phone tariffs in the D1 network, for which the discounters use the Congstar infrastructure. The tariffs are identical in terms of performance features and use the same naming scheme. The tariffs from Prepaid Basic (4.99 euros) already include 1 gigabyte of surfing volume and 100 free minutes to all German networks, SMS costs 9 cents each. At the upper end is the prepaid Smart Max tariff with 12 gigabytes of data volume, all-network and SMS flat-rate - price: 19.99 euros. Kaufland mobil, which has replaced K-Classic mobil, has not been around for that long. The tariffs of Kaufland mobil are the same as those of Penny Mobil and ja! Mobil, just use a different naming scheme.
4.99 euros basic fee, 100 free minutes, 1 GB
Penny Mobil Prepaid Basic
4.99 euros basic fee, 100 free minutes, 1 GB
4.99 euros basic fee, 100 free minutes, 1 GB

Norma Connect: mobile phone tariffs in the D1 network

Even with Norma you get prepaid tariffs that use the Telekom network at a reduced speed. Customers can surf the mobile internet at up to 25 Mbit / s via LTE. The Smart-S tariff for 7.99 euros comes with 3 gigabytes of data volume and a flat rate for calls and SMS in all German networks. For data-hungry users, there is a 20 euro tariff with a whopping 17 GB.
7.99 euros basic fee, telephone and SMS flat rate, 3 GB

HIGH: Cell phone tariffs in the D1 network

With the provider HIGH, interested parties get different tiered tariffs, which differ only in the included data volume and the download speed (25 or 50 Mbit / s). All tariffs currently available come with a telephone and SMS flat rate and a term of 24 months. The cheapest tariff with 5 GB is already available for 10 euros per month. The tariff with 10 GB and a faster download rate is suitable for frequent surfers - cost: 17.50 euros per month.
  • HIGH 3 + 2: 10 euros basic fee, telephone and SMS flat rate, 5 GB
  • HIGH 5 + 5 LTE50: 17.50 euros basic fee, telephone and SMS flat rate, 10 GB

Mobilcom-Debitel: Cell phone tariffs in the D1 network

So-called resellers sell Telekom tariffs at favorable rates - with cutbacks in the tariff details. Mobilcom-debitel is one of these resellers. He does not currently have any prepaid offers, but he does have a handful of tariffs with a 24-month term, such as the “green LTE 6 GB”. The use of Telekom's LTE network is included, but the speed is capped at 21.6 Mbit / s. Attention: Sending SMS is comparatively expensive at 19 cents per unit.
Mobilcom-Debitel green LTE 6 GB
14.99 euros basic fee, flat-rate telephone, 19 cents per SMS, 6 GB

For comparison: Telekom tariffs

The best D1 network without restrictions in terms of speed and extras (Voice-over-LTE, eSIM, MultiSIM, use of the Telekom hotspots) is only available from Telekom itself. Even if many mobile phone tariffs are not particularly cheap in comparison: beginners - You can also get offers for at Telekom. For prepaid tariffs, for example, the MagentaMobil Prepaid M is recommended for 9.95 euros every four weeks. You can call other Telekom customers free of charge, sending SMS messages is also free in this case (other networks: 9 cents per unit). There is no minimum term and the one-time ticket price of 9.95 euros is returned in the form of a 10-euro starting credit. The surf volume is 2 gigabytes, there are 200 free minutes on top.

clear mobile, call mobile: Not always D1

You have probably already seen or heard the advertisement from klarmobil, in which the provider advertises “Top D network quality”. The problem: Potential customers only find out which network is actually being used after looking at the product information sheet. According to the FAQ, the provider not only uses the Telekom network (D1), but also the Vodafone (D2) and O2 (E-Netz) networks. The only thing that is clear is that the assignment to a network remains within the scope of the customer's tariff. It is similar with callmobile - like klarmobil belonging to the Freenet Group.

D1: When the cell phone network became digital

The naming of the mobile networks was carried out alphabetically, the D network is the first digital after the networks with the designations A, B and C, which still worked with analog technology. At the beginning of the 1990s, Telekom began building the network in the frequency range around 900 megahertz (MHz), which was named D1 when it went into operation. Mannesmann also set up a network in the same frequency range, which was later named D2. Since Vodafone took over Mannesmann in 2000, the British company has been active as a provider in this country. E-Plus and O2 only jumped on the bandwagon in the mid-90s, the common network uses frequencies in the range of 1,800 MHz and was assigned the next free letter: The E-network was born. With the takeover of E-Plus by O2 in autumn 2014, there were three large mobile network operators for years. Only with the auction of the 5G frequencies at the beginning of 2019 did a fourth provider join them: 1 & 1 Drillisch AG. Telekom and Vodafone were the first to launch their 5G networks and make it available in more and more regions. O2 followed suit in autumn 2020.