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Learning a new language is never easy. Most of the Indonesians you come into contact with will speak some English. However, the local people are much more open if you try hard and learn the basics of Indonesian. What luck, because the language is rather simple!

Small presentation of the Indonesian language

Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia. It is a form of Malay that is also spoken in the Republic of East Timor. However, it is not the mother tongue of most Indonesians who do not learn this language until they are five years old in school. The majority of Indonesians are bilingual or even trilingual. In fact, around 700 languages ​​are spoken in Indonesia. It is the second largest language area in the world. The Latin alphabet is used and most of the syllables are pronounced as in German. The vocabulary is pretty simple, which makes learning much easier than other Asian languages.

Why should you learn Indonesian?

When traveling, it is always good to learn a few basic expressions in order to cope with a wide variety of situations and to come into contact with locals. If you speak Indonesian on a trip to Indonesia speaks, you come across less like a tourist, you can negotiate prices better and make the trip more pleasant. Indonesian is a relatively simple language. Take a small dictionary with you or download an app on your smartphone. Learn a few words every day as you travel around Indonesia. You will see that you will enjoy it and that your trip will be even more beautiful! Numerous other languages ​​are spoken in the country, but everyone understands Bahasa Indonesia. You will be easily understood on all islands. Maybe your accent will be made fun of if you use that of another island!

Basic idioms / common expressions

GermanBahasa Indonesia
Good day good eveningSelamat pagi / Selamat malam
How are you?Apa kabar?
Good thanks and you?Sangat baik, terima kasih dan Anda?
I understand / I don't understandSaya tidak mengerti
Good-byeSelamat tinggal
Good daySelamat datang
Many ThanksTerima kasih (banyak)
Excuse me pleasePermisi
My name is...Nama saya ...
no thanksTidak terima kasih
Yes NoYa / Tidak
Here you goSama-sama

Trade / Buy

GermanBahasa Indonesia
How much does it cost?Berapa harganya?
That is a good priceSangat murah
It is too expensiveMahal!
Can you bring the price down?Dapat mengurangi harga?
I would like to buy thisSaya ingin membelinya
I like it / I don't like itSaya suka / Aku benci
Just browsing.Aku yang terlihat

Mode of Transport

GermanBahasa Indonesia
I want to go to ...Saya ingin pergi ...
planePesawat terbang
trainKereta api
I want to rent a ...Saya ingin untuk menyewa ...
motorcycleSepeda engine


GermanBahasa Indonesia
Where is ...? / How do I get to / to ...?Dimana ...? / Bagaimana untuk pergi ke ...?
railway stationStasiun
City centerPusat kota
hospitalRumah sakit
Is it far?Apakah ini dekat / sejauh ini?
straightTejus sara
Left RightBelok kiri / kanan
North South West EastUtara / Selatan / Adalah / Barat


GermanBahasa Indonesia
one two three four five six seven eight nine tennol, satu, dua, tiga, empat, lima, enam, tujuh, delapan, sembilan, sepuluh
twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixtydua puluh, tiga puluh, empat puluh, lima puluh, enam puluh
seventy, eighty, ninetytujuh puluh, delapan puluh, sembilan puluh

Times / date and days

GermanBahasa Indonesia
What time is it?Jam berapa?
Today (tomorrow / noon / evening)Hari Ini (pagi / siang / malam)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sundaysenin, selasa, rabu, kamis, jum’at, sabtu, minggu
I'm on vacation hereSaya di sini berlibur / di perjalanan
I am here to workSaya di sini untuk bekerja / bisnis

To table!

GermanBahasa Indonesia
I'm hungry / I'm thirstySaya lapar / Aku house
Good AppetiteSelamat makan
Bottom up!(Il n'y a pas cette tradition)
It was great!Itu lezat
What do you recommend?Apa yang Anda saya rekomendasikan?
I'm vegetarianSaya vegetarian
Not sharp! (I don't like it spicy)Tanpa rempah-rempah
It is too hot!Hal ini terlatu panas
I have an allergySaya alergi
seafoodMakanan loud
I take / I would like to haveSaya akan
Tea / coffeeTeh / kopi
Beer WineBir / anggur
The Bill pleaseMinta bon!

Health / Emergency / Safety

GermanBahasa Indonesia
I have to see a doctorSaya perlu untuk melihat seorang dokter
Call a doctor / ambulanceCall doctor / ambulance
Where is the hospital?Di mana adalah rumah sakit?
I do not feel goodSaya tidak merasa sangat baik
I am in pain hereAku salah di sini
Where are the restrooms?Di mana toilet?
I've lost my waySaya teresat


GermanBahasa Indonesia
Good day !Selamat siang!
Updated October 8, 2018
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