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Betting tips and football predictions for today

Why are question marks ("?") Displayed instead of predictions or betting tips for some games?

Very easily. Our algorithm requires at least six games played (three home, three away games). If this is not the case, we cannot calculate any forecasts.

Which is the key value in your predictions and betting tips?

The key value of the algorithm is INDEX. Our software calculates the percentage probability of a win for the home team, a draw and a win for the away team and suggests a tip based on these values: 1; 0 (X); 2; 10 (1X) or 02 (X2). In contrast to other betting sites, we also provide a forecast of the most likely end result of the game.

How should INDEX be interpreted?

The value of INDEX can be interpreted as half the projected goal difference, with the plus sign indicating an advantage for the home team and the minus sign indicating an advantage for the away team. For example: INDEX -4.0 means that our software predicts a win for the away team of 2 goals, INDEX +3.0 means that the home team will win 1.5 goals.

How is the INDEX calculated?

INDEX is based on two main components - the current shape and strength of each team. The current form is calculated from the last 6 games, the strength is determined separately after home and away games.

Why are the betting tips displayed in different colors?

The colors allow you to quickly find your way around the betting tips. Green stands for a prognosis for a home win, red for an away win, light green for a home win or a draw, light red for an away win or a draw.

Are values ​​included in the calculations that cannot be statistically recorded, such as injuries to individual players, particularly motivating games such as derbies, etc.?

No, our forecasts and betting tips are based exclusively on mathematical algorithms. It's just statistics! Exercise can be unpredictable and there is no magic formula. In order to choose the right bets, you need knowledge, experience and a keen understanding of the sport. Our algorithm can only help with this. The slightest change in circumstances can change the direction of a game, such as the weather, team training, injuries or the suspension of individual players. Such events can affect the odds.

What other values ​​do I have to include along with Vitisport's predictions and betting tips?

Lots. Some examples: Is a key player on a team injured or suspended? Does a key player return to the team after injury or suspension? Are the former players or coaches of a team now under contract with the opponent? The travel distances can play a role, as can the “all-or-nothing” factor (tournament in a knockout system as well as in cup or play-off games). Is a team in a special situation, chasing the top of the table or fighting relegation (which means that they will fight on every point)?

Thank you very much to Busche from Switzerland for translation into German language!