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Ten signs that rapper Drake is a little softie

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He can't deny it: Drake is a nice guy and that's fine too. Who needs half-strength gangsta rappers, please!
He could probably do what he wanted: He is considered an absolute softie among the bad boys in the rap business. Women love him and men, well ... smile at him! We're talking about Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake. Above all, his male colleagues are kidding him because of his gentle manner and his great feelings. Rappers like Ludacris, Common and Jay-Z have called his music too smooth and inauthentic several times. Countless softie memes are circulating on the Internet depicting the singer as a sneak. Despite his muscles, he just can't get rid of this image.

But how the hell can Drake be so successful when people are incessantly joking at his expense? After all, Drizzy is a great talent and his signature style gives the hip-hop scene a whole new meaning. He is an artist, rapper, singer, actor and, as it turned out at least since the Internet sensation "Hotline Bling", also a gifted dancer. The reason for the never-ending stream of memes and vines is probably not just due to Drake's music. Or maybe it's just because Drake is an incredibly cheesy guy.

The TV star
It is no longer a secret that Drake made his big break through his role in the TV drama "Degrassi" with 145 funny episodes. Drizzy played the role of Jimmy Brooks, a basketball star who ends up in a wheelchair in a tragic accident. His acting skills aren't exactly Oscar-worthy, but he's definitely won the hearts of some girls through his role as Jimmy Brooks.

Oh-la-la lap dance
Anyone who has seen the video for Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" must have smiled at the short part in which Drake can be seen. Nicki Minaj is giving him a hot lap dance while sitting in a chair. Then, suddenly, he holds his hand in front of his open mouth and forms the words: "Oh my God" with his lips. This reaction is so terribly artificial that you almost have to look away. Come on Drizzy! You're rich, famous, and you've probably seen a million naked strippers. Was Nicki's show performance really as disturbing as your reaction?

His fondness for owls
From strippers to other nocturnal chicks, Drake just loves them. We're talking about owls! The platypus must have done him particularly well, because he even chose them as heraldic animal for his own sub-label October's Very Own (OVO). So it's no wonder that Canadians adorn themselves with owls around their necks. Of course, the multi-million dollar artist does not have a stuffed animal on the chain, but a piece of jewelry worth 49,204 US dollars.

The would-be designer
When the famous musician is not tinkering with new music, he is busy working on his own clothing line. Nothing special in itself if it weren't for the kitschy collection. Maybe the rapper should concentrate fully on the music again in the future. Interesting for all girls: Drakie has recently started making women's fashion. Pink snapbacks might be better off in the women's department.

Hotline Hotline ️

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In the roller coaster of emotions
Drake is considered a big basketball fan. The strange thing about it: He changes his favorite team like his underpants. Sometimes he is excited about the "Raptors", then he is drawn to the "Heats" again. True sports fans know that this is a pretty uncool habit and, for many, a sign of weakness. Drake doesn't seem to care, he just likes all sports teams.

Full of Bieber fever
Drake's loyalty to Justin Bieber, on the other hand, knows no bounds. The Bieber fever grabbed him more than many a 13-year-old teen girl. Bieber and Drizzy are linked by a long friendship that goes back to times when Justin's image change could not be suspected. Drake supported the little, innocent baby beaver years ago and stood side by side with him on a stage at various shows.

Hotline Bling is being ripped off by everyone
"You used to call me on my cellphone" ... In his music video for "Hotline Bling" the rapper dances through futuristic rooms in line-bob style. The video is definitely a highlight of the year and not only caused a lot of laughs on the web, but also thousands of cover versions that joke his dance moves. But you have to give good Drake one thing: he always manages to be the number one topic of conversation. And getting this melody out of your head is almost impossible. Dear strangers, please give poor Drake a call!

His extravagant style of clothing
Because Drizzy has no desire to look exactly like any other representative of the rap scene, the Internet likes to make fun of the superstar's clothing style, which sometimes takes quite a bit of getting used to. Wild mixes of patterns, red leather pants and either too tight or too wide tops: it doesn't seem easy for the musician to please everyone with his style. Admittedly, this poncho doesn't look particularly good on him ...

The motto"
Imagine it's 2015 and a 29-year-old man says with full conviction "You only live once - that's the motto. YOLO!". You think he's a big fool, of course. Unless it's Drake, because he more or less invented "YOLO" after all. He used the trend word for the first time in his song "The Motto" and thus triggered a mega-hype. The phrase was used so incredibly often that at some point the coolness was lost. If "YOLO" was ever cool at all. Doesn't necessarily speak for you Drakie ...

Hard shell soft core
The only thing that the Bieber Fever, his stubborn fashion taste and YOLO can surpass: Of course, love. Drake is considered a hopeful romantic and raps non-stop from great emotions. So he is very thoughtful and vulnerable in "Hotline Bling" and mourns the loss of his ex-girlfriend. Really romantic, right? Well, Drake just loves everything and everyone, but most of all he loves music. This great passion has also made him successful. The success that we admire in him - and only mocked it a tiny bit.