Who is the worst disney princess

TRANSLATION: This is what your Disney Princesses would look like as zombies

Have you ever wondered what our beloved Disney Princesses would look like if they moved to the dark side of the Force? Artists have tackled this task and show us what our Disney Princesses would look like as zombies.


Wow, Pocahontas can be different too!

Snow White

Beware of this Disney princess. Hopefully the seven dwarfs are still up!

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We actually know Wendy as a dear girl, but in this version she is unrecognizable.

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Tinker Bell

The dear Tinker Bell has become an evil fairy.

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Belle not quite so bark. She looks even creepier here than the beast.

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Looks like Cinderella got back on her wicked stepsisters.

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That looks pretty painful.

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She lurks in the depths of the seas. You don't want to meet her while swimming.

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Tiana of Terror.

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The Huns have to be careful. Mulan is not to be joked with.

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Alice in Wonderland

It seems like the wonderland isn't quite so wonderful anymore.


Elsa as a mystical sorceress.

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Our Disney Princesses as zombies look really scary, the artists did a good job. If you liked this post, please check back often. Everything here revolves around the wonderful childhood memories.