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For biomedicine and analytical instruments

Sensirion presents its flow sensor SLF3S-1300F. According to its own statement, the sensor offers maximum safety, stability and long-term reliability for a wide range of applications, be it in diagnostics, for analytical instruments or in biomedicine.

The straight and unobstructed flow channel of the SLF3S-1300F contains no moving parts; inert wetted materials should ensure excellent chemical resistance and excellent media compatibility. As the sensor measures flow rates of up to 40 ml / min bidirectionally, it enables the monitoring of the entire fluidic system as well as the detection of frequent error modes.

The flow sensor enables good flow control and system reliability for applications in areas such as biomedicine, diagnostics or analytical instruments. According to the manufacturer, its compact form factor and cost-saving design allow system developments with one or more sensors that were previously unthinkable.


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