What can you measure with website analytics

Website Analysis - Why It Is Important To Have Goals

Perhaps you have started a new campaign and would like to find out whether it is successful, whether it differs from previous campaigns and whether you will reach your target group with it. Use web analysis to measure your success!

You get to know your customers better through analyzes: What are the customers using? Let's say your site is able to share content. The question arises: Facebook or Pinterest share - or both? Statistics help you make decisions that improve customer satisfaction.

Which tools are suitable for a website analysis?

There are a number of tools and analysis options for evaluating websites. There isn't one single right, all-encompassing tool. Be aware: If the focus is on search engine optimization, an SEO analysis tool should be used. If you want to explore the social media arena use a social media tool. You just have to know what you are trying to find out. And of course which parameters are decisive for this.

If you have found out what your users are interested in in the first step, check your keywords in another. Which words does the customer use in their search to get answers to their questions? Are you reaching your customers with the keywords you have used so far? An analysis with the help of keyword planners, for example the Keyword Tool, will answer these and other questions. Keyword research (for example using the Keyword Tool or Sistrix) is important before content goes online. Because this can save you a lot of work.

With Sistrix it is possible to check the visibility of your site in the search engines. You enter a keyword and see if your website can be found for that keyword. Entries one to ten can be seen on the first page on Google. To be visible, aim for one of these places. You can also check for which keywords your page appears in the search engine results lists.

Google Analytics is important to get to know your own site user better. How does he use the site - mobile or from the desktop computer? How did he get there and where is he going? Have the defined goals - the expectation of an action by a user - been achieved? You then use these analytical findings to optimize the website. The performance of social media can also be analyzed with the help of Google Analytics. Perhaps after a check you find out that Facebook is not interesting for your customers - or that you should invest a lot more resources in Facebook.

What should I analyze and how?

Of course, you can analyze almost all data in the digital age. The challenge is to separate the wheat from the chaff: not all data is important to you. The tool and the analysis are based on your goals. Depending on which parameters are important to you, you should focus on them, analyze them and optimize them. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are defined in order to make goals concrete and to put them in numbers. These specific key figures decide what needs to be assessed.