How long can fresh tuna be refrigerated?

How long can I store fresh tuna in the refrigerator?


I am in a conflict of conscience.

On Saturday I need fresh tuna for a starter. It is not consumed completely raw but seared briefly on each side so that it is still pink in the middle.

Now to my problem:
From Saturday the fishmonger has his well-deserved annual vacation. That means I can either get tuna from him on Friday during the day and put it in the fridge for about 24 hours. I know that the quality of his goods is excellent, which is why I've been buying from him for years.

Or I can go to the next bigger city on Saturday, there is a fishmonger, with the quality of which I am not so satisfied, and a North Sea branch, I have never bought it.

What is advisable to buy from the fishmonger mV and store the tuna in the fridge for a day (of course, I never go shopping for fish, meat and cheese without a cool bag) or rather to take the risk and get the tuna "fresh" on Saturday pick up?

Fish experts!
(Please do not write that I should rather do something different - it has to be a fishy starter and with other types of fish the basic problem is no different )



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