Which game is better FIFA or PES

FIFA 20 vs. eFootball PES 2020

There are a few things that come back every year: Easter, Christmas, Germany's Next Top Model and of course Fifa & Pro Evolution Soccer. The latter is an ever-changing battle for the soccer crown, which is probably currently as close and tight as seldom before. That's why we think a FIFA 20 vs. eFootball PES 2020 comparison is necessary. So: said, done. We get involved in the fight between the two digital soccer giants and fan the fire. We check the competitors in the categories Graphics and Presentation, Game Modes and Gameplay.

FIFA 20 vs. eFootball PES 2020: Graphics, Style & Presentation

They both look good. Neither at PES nor at FIFA will you have any problems recognizing the respective football professionals. We owe this beautiful graphic to the Frostbite at Fifa and the FOX engine at PES. What you like better in the field is up to you. It is noticeable, however, that the movements in FIFA appear much faster and look more like arcade and the Pro Evolution movements are a little less fluid, but also more real. A real person doesn't always move as ideally, fluently and easily as a video game character.

If we take a closer look at the whole thing, however, it also becomes clear that PES 2020 has the edge when it comes to players' faces. You don't always notice when you gamble from a bird's eye view, but here the point still goes to Konami.

Even if there are no huge deviations from one another in the graphics on the field, there are strong differences in optics elsewhere: In terms of general presentation, menus, style and feel, Fifa easily outperforms the Konami competition. Licenses also play a major role in terms of presentation and of course Fifa has a great advantage here with the financial support of EA.

But at least: Konami has secured the licenses to Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Juventus. This is particularly important at Juventus, because here PES 2020 has exclusive rights and so in FIFA 20 you play with Piemonte Calcio, the other teams at FIFA all have their names, jerseys and logos, over 700 teams in 37 leagues. In PES 2020, 19 of the 24 leagues are fully licensed.

When it comes to presentation, there is of course another very crucial factor: audio. On the field itself, unfortunately, the commentators in FIFA and PES are annoying after hundreds of games. Away from the field, however, FIFA cannot fool anything. EA chases music and licenses almost like a music scout and we've already discovered some new favorite songs thanks to FIFA.

Due to the general presentation and the licenses we give FIFA 20 a goal lead here. But: the decision was difficult.

FIFA 20 vs. eFootball PES 2020: Game modes

FIFA has a career mode, the UEFA Champions League, and a small game mode called Ultimate Team that attracts a few people and a little bit of money. In addition, there is now a completely new street football mode in FIFA 20 with Volta.

eFootball PES 2020 holds against it with the Master League and Matchday. Master League offers so much that it could just as well apply to more than one game mode - really, you get a full-fledged football manager here. The problem: The career mode in FIFA is also a full-fledged football manager and also very, very robust. So unfortunately there is no major advantage for PES to be seen here

If you like the Volta mode or are a fan of Ultimate Team, you are better off with FIFA. Otherwise, PES also offers everything you need and has the slightly deeper and more demanding career mode with the Master League.

FIFA 20 vs. eFootball PES 2020: Gameplay

The round has to be square and that should feel good. That's what really matters: is the game playing well or badly? Well, we are definitely not going to dissuade fans from their point of view, but in our opinion, eFootball PES 2020 just has better gameplay. Period, end, off. Sure, FIFA is great fun and that's actually essential: video games should be fun. But if you are looking for the best digital football representation, you cannot avoid Konami's PES: The animations are much more realistic, the ball and the players have a lot more weight and the physics of the ball just makes more sense in PES. Konami's soccer game actually has midfield banter and you never feel like you score the same goal twice. In FIFA, on the other hand, you have the feeling that the midfield is just one area that you cross quickly and that there are a limited number of goals that are repeated over and over again.

FIFA 20 vs. eFootball PES 2020: verdict

It's not that hard to choose between FIFA 20 and PES 2020 because they offer such different experiences. If you want a realistic football simulation with a higher entry barrier and a lot of technical details, you can get eFootball PES 2020. If you want a faster, arcade-inspired game that offers more highlights, plays faster, has more game modes and more shine, you get it FIFA 20.

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