Why are braces so expensive

Why braces for children are often expensive

Statistically, every second child in Germany wears loose or fixed braces. The need for this depends on various factors. Health insurance companies rarely pay the full costs and orthodontists offer a wide range of additional services. The children's braces can be costly for parents.

Reasons for correcting misaligned teeth

Crooked teeth are not uncommon. Permanent teeth can grow crooked or the dentition does not offer the necessary space. The consequences are aesthetic problems, but also an increase in medical risks. For example, this prevents children from chewing properly or has language problems. Difficulties in daily dental care can arise and unbalanced loads in the dentition lead to further complaints. Orthodontists usually recommend treatment with braces for both aesthetic and medical reasons.

The health insurances only pay part of it

In Germany, pronounced misaligned teeth are officially considered a disease. That is why health insurance companies pay for medically necessary tooth corrections up to the age of 18. The orthodontist assesses the severity of the misaligned teeth. Severity grades 1 and 2 are considered to be minor and the costs for a tooth correction with braces are not covered by the statutory health insurance companies. Treatment with braces is only taken over from severity level 3. Not always 100 percent, however. Very often, despite the necessary degree of severity, there are not inconsiderable costs for the parents.

Despite the health insurance subsidy, more than 1000 euros for braces

When choosing the optimal brace system, parents often pay a lot more. Dentistry offers advanced materials for braces that are aesthetically pleasing and less noticeable, but also more comfortable to wear, with the prospect of shorter wearing times. Most health insurances have not gone along with this progress and only subsidize older braces systems, although the newer ones have become much better in their effectiveness. It is not uncommon for parents to cost more than 1000 euros for braces.

A good orthodontist always offers the parents the benefits supported by the health insurance fund, because they are obliged to do so. Only after clarification does he offer information about possible additional services and transparently explain why he recommends them. If you are unsure, you can consider a second opinion on additional benefits.

Do you have any questions about the cost of loose and fixed braces? Then talk to us and we will be happy to advise you and your children in detail. We look forward to your visit to our 360 ° braces orthodontics in Düsseldorf.


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