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Golden ratio: Robert Pattinson named the most beautiful man

The rules of mathematics want it this way: Robert Pattinson is the most beautiful man in the world. No other star has such a symmetrical face.

Robert Pattinson ("Bel Ami") is the most beautiful man in the world! Not because the editorial offices or juries would have decided so, but because scientists have resorted to ancient Greek mathematics. The 33-year-old Englishman achieved 92 percent perfection according to the "golden ratio of beauty" and thus relegated Henry Cavill and Bradley Cooper to their places.

The "Golden Ratio of Beauty"

This is how the ancient Greek formula works: a person's face is segmented and placed in relation to others. Length is divided by width and the closer the result is to 1.6, the "more beautiful" a face is. For example, Patterson's chin, eye position and nose each achieve 95 percent - in the end he ends up with an average of 92.15 percent flawlessness.

He puts some of the great male celebrity beauties in their place: Henry Cavill (36, "The Witcher") lands in second place with a minimal deficit - the American brings it to 91.64 percent. From a mathematical point of view, he has an almost perfect forehead (98 percent), but his nose, which comes in at 88.2 percent, costs him the top spot.

Perfect - except for the nose

Third is Bradley Cooper (45, "A Star is Born") whose general face shape (81.7 percent) does not allow him a better ranking. Otherwise only Brad Pitt (56, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood") achieved an overall rating of 90 percent. The creator of the study, Dr. Julian De Silva, according to the Daily Mail, emphasizes the specialty of this positioning: "To land on this list at the age of 56 is incredible and speaks for its timeless beauty."

George Clooney (58, "Money Monster") tops the list of those who make it onto the list with less than 90 percent - his "too small" forehead (82 percent) ensures an overall rating of 89.9 percent. Hugh Jackman (51, "X-Men: Apocalypse") completes the top ten with 89.6 percent, David Beckham (44) is seventh with 88.9 percent, Idris Elba (47, "Murdah Loves John") comes in as eighth to exactly 88 percent, Kanye West (42, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy") is ninth and Ryan Gosling (39, "First Man") completes the mathematically ten most beautiful men in show business.